mint las vegas?


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Oct 5, 2005
anyone getting emails from these knuckleheads?

no matter what you click on from their website, it tries to install the .exe file.

the email was from (among others)
...ok, im gonna play at a gmail casino...:mad:

and if you click the link in the email, it takes you to :Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
thanks leery about any casino with a gmail account and no matter what ya mouse over, you get an .exe file
This is the same spammer that has been around for a long time spamming for: Casino Tropez, Amber Coast, Vegas Red, and 21 Magic (among others).

You might remember the names:

Slotz City
Bet City
Hi Roller

These were the names the casinos above were spammed under previously.. This is just another attempt.

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