MiniVegas - A barrel of yuletide cheer


You type well loads
MiniVegas - A barrel of yuletide cheer:D:D

Got this from Colosseum:-

For one day only, January 1st 2008,
enjoy 10% on all your deposit!
We value loyal players above all others. These are the players who are inundated with the best bonuses, free money, offers and promotions. So when you think about it, by claiming and playing your bonuses, you will get bigger and better bonuses in the future. Brilliant! Have a Happy New Year filled with great gaming and
don't forget to enjoy your 10% on all deposits up to $1000
on January 1st 2008! Your 10% New Year bonus will be credited on Wednesday 2nd of January!

.....And the humour?

I received this at 4:30pm ON THE SECOND OF JANUARY


(Not that it mattered, I wouldn't drop 10K for a 1K 10% bonus anyway - not worth it for MG software)


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They must have thought you were living in a place with the zone time being GMT-20


You type well loads
....and the mirth continues

Dear Brian,

The wait is finally over.

Hop on to to see the full list of winners for the 2007 Casino of the Year Award.

We received thousands and thousands of votes from online casino enthusiasts worldwide and we at were also pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

So waste no more time and go on and check out the winners.

Hope you have a Happy New Year.

Peace and Blessings,

The Awards Team 2007



This is Vegas style gambling, not a meeting of the general synod to choose the next archbishop of Casinoville!

I wonder what motley crew scooped these questionable awards, I may have been waiting as it said, but it is not over until the Casinomeister brings forth the awards for 2007


You type well loads
And don't forget that old stalwart, Neteller!

Apparently, Neteller want to review my account because the need to understand the purpose of my transactions.

GAMBLING you twerps, what else is Neteller fit for.

Worse, it looked like clever Phishing, so I reported it as such, as it addressed me as an US/Canadian member whose transactions were of concern.

WHAT BLEEDIN' TRANSACTIONS would any US/Canadian member be making with their locked Neteller accounts!!!!!

To my absolute astonishment, Neteller told me after consulting another department that it was GENUINE:what:

They are expecting their members to respond to an E-mail out of the blue by forwarding two pieces of ID (government & utility bill) to the address given on it. While THIS was genuine, how can we be expected to respond to this, yet be on our guard for the Phishing E-mails that also follow a similar pattern.

This one made it urgent by using the line that if I didn't respond I may not enjoy the full service facilities (meaning my account would be locked).

This is EXACTLY how Phishing works, by making non-response punishable by withdrawal of service.

I phoned Neteller and gave the VIP rep a lesson on security, and warned them that if they had sent this out to a load of members they will have some who will simply bin it, and raise hell 10 days hence when they find their accounts frozen.
This is the SECOND time Neteller have made such a dangerous situation for customers. An earlier promotion invited customers to click through to register their interest by entering some of their details (name and account number) into the promotional landing page. Astonishingly, yet again it was genuine, but I registered by logging directly into Neteller where the promotion was presented on the overview page.

When players have their Neteller accounts hacked, they blame us for being lax in our approach to security - pity their agents didn't attend the classes too:mad: