Minimum Neteller Deposits. What's out there?


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Jan 11, 2005
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I found myself making a miscalculation this month in the withdrawal management of my Neteller account and somehow managed to end up with precicely 15 Euros (approximately 18-19 USD) left in it.
I thought I'd play a bit.

Epiphany: All casinos I play at have at least a 20$ minimum deposit requirement through Neteller.
Which led me to the idea of making this post.
What casinos cater to low-rollers? Are there any respectable casinos out there with deposit minimums below 20USD?
A quick google search came up with:

-Shark casino. RTG
-"cognac" casino (whoever gets it gets it) Playtech
-Blast 21
-High point casino

I might (out of sheer boredom) consider the first two, -although I have no reason to recommend them-,
but I'd never play at the last two under any circumstances (Bad karma mon)

Is there anywhere respectable that will take my money, or do I have to wait for another US dollar collapse?
global player minimum deposit $10, minimum cash out $5 minimum deposit $10, minimum cash out $20

Good Luck
Cheers to all who replied.
Tried Inetbet.
Just FYI it was fun while it lasted.

Which was about 4 minutes.

I rock

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