Minimum NETeller $10 deposit?


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Sep 7, 2005
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Hi all!

Does anyone know a pokerroom which accepts at least a $10 deposit,using NETeller? Almost all pokerrooms I am aware of allow a minimum deposit of 25$.

Thanks! :thumbsup:
You could try bet365.

Min moneybookers deposit its 10NOK( ca 1.5$ )

not sure what min neteller deposit is though.
Ladbrokes allow 5 min deposits, so a $10 deposit should be okay
They take Neteller.... but no USA or Germans ( not sure why no germans? ), i have no idea where it is you live.

Honestly, your best bet would be to find a poker room that lets players transfer money to another player, and get the $10 that way. ie: send someone $10 via neteller, then they transfer the $10 via the poker client.

Just remember that Neteller charges $1 for account > account transfers.

Disclaimer: If you have money in your poker account already, don't just let them 'dump' chips off to you at a heads-up table. They'll lock both accounts for sure.
If they haven't changed it, PurpleLounge poker/casino accepts $10 deposits.. I've done small deposits here a few times.. And kept me playing for a while..

But US allowed..

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