Millionaire Casino: flaw in ur blackjack


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Jun 2, 2005
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bigtimegambler, I'm tempted to wonder if you aren't just being a nuisance now. Surely, you could work this out with Millionaire CS - they're fantastic.

I could get you chat logs to prove it if anyone wishes to view them. The one where I'm furious over a Feature I thought I'd won when I hadn't because I'm too silly to understand "active pay-line" is a beauty - embarrassing for me, but glowing for Millionaire CS.

And I'm down a small fortune at Millionaire and their partner casinos. But I don't mind all that much. They reward me with so many bonuses and comps and whatnot, I might be down a lot less than I was thinking earlier today. I *think* I'm down 60k or so but just realised that with so many non-stop bonuses, that figure might be more like 40k - haven't yet withdrawn, but will ONE DAY hit a JoB Royal there. I believe you could say I'm "due" for one....

Will post gameplay data once they send it through to my email - but, with the possible exception of 32Red - they really are the best online casino I've played at so far. :thumbsup:


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Jan 20, 2004
u have a flaw in ur blackjack, robbed me of 400, still waiting for refund

JHV makes a good point. If you have a complaint the proper procedure is to contact the representative, SabrinaCoins, via PM to have your issue looked at. Hijacking a non-related thread to post your grumble is a definite no-no.

I'll leave this sit for a day or two so you get a chance to see this then I'll move your thing to it's own thread in the Complaints section where it belongs.