Millionaire casino closed not paying back balances

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Dec 8, 2009
Atlanta suburb of alpharetta
I gambled at three of the english harbour groups casinos until they closed at the end of July of this year. They were millionaire casino slots galore and one other . They had always been very good about cashing out funds promptly. When I heard they were closing I started cashing out the weekly max withdrawls and was paid a substantial amount ---roughly 25k. During the last week before closing they sent me an email indicating that the funds remaining in my accounts would be sent to my checking account via wire transfer. They listed each wire transfer with the amount and I did get one for 7k. but two others totaling 10k never arrived. I sent them emails asking for them to send a trace on the missing wire tranfers. I have not heard from them. I sent more emails but again with no reponse. So it looks like they ripped me off for 10k and are now closed. Luckly I did get most of my money back but still this isnt fair.

If any others have had similar experiences let me know.

As a matter of advice i would caution about keeping large sums of money at any casinos. Who knows what may happen

In addition for any players who have provided either bank account numbers or credit card numbers for deposit or withdrawls I would cancel the credit card numbers used and bank accounts used. These folks have a lot of information including drivers licenses and other items required for getting a withdrawl and it would not surprise me if these items get sold or used to further rip people off, Be careful out there!:mad:
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