WARNING Mighty Slots: no pay, no CS = Casinomeister Warning


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Jan 20, 2004
Received a report that the player had been waiting nearly 3 months for a $900 check, never received a penny. Turns out MightySlots.biz is associated with some other shady operations:

[reverse DNS - playersnetworks.com]
1. Mightyslots.biz
2. Realvegasonline.biz
3. Top-40-casinos.com
4. Vegasfrontier.biz

Warning: Mighty Slots is owned and operated by some pretty disreputable folk. Expect stalled payments and/or no-pay situations, unresponsive Customer Service, etc. Avoid!
Update to the story because the casino had promised (again!) to pay the player:

Concerning the withdrawals time frame, we hope to have most withdrawals, including the one of Mr. XXXX delivered within the next 30-45 days. It could be earlier but we rather be conservative.

Needless to say no such payment was received. Subsequent attempts to contact the casino have gone unanswered.

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Later: see our Warning against the entire Curgam Malta group, here.
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