Might be lucky BUT??


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Aug 31, 2003
I am very worried, I have won over $5000.00 at River Nile Casino, but they want the following information.

From the E-mail is the following:

It is standard procedure at the casino to request the following
documentation for cash-ins exceeding $5000;

- Photostat copy of Identity Document (Passport/Drivers License)
- Photostat copy of Front and Back of Credit Card
- Photostat copy of Utilities/Rent bill made out in your name to your registered residential address.
-Copy of your bank statement
- Copy of a letter from your bank stating that your account is in good standing

This seems a bit much as identity theft is on the rise and this Casino is in South Africa a long way from the states and who know what they can do with my personal information. Please tell me it is safe. I have everything they want and ready to fax it.

Thanks for any help

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