Baptism by Fire - success Midaur Casino entering the flames

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Nov 16, 2018
I have an issue with Midaur at present.
Playing Happy Holidays on auto play,
Went out the room and triggered free spins.
Before this started, the game times out and booted me worries just reload.
Except I can't, it just comes up with an error message, this is despite be leaving it a while and trying a different browser.
I can load the game fine in free play though.
Emailed support on Sat evening, and to be fair got a same day reply- impressive- except that it didn't address the problem and said it was probably a slow connection.
As of now, still can't load the game, and still waiting for my free spins pay out.


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Mar 25, 2012
Yeah, obviously it doesn't have to be with a bonus.
But if a casino has nothing unique about it. Why would anyone want to try them just because they're in the BBF process.
Why make a deposit there, rather than at one of their regular casinos, where they might be already building up loyalty points (Novibet etc), XP (VideoSlots) or receiving 'decent' bonus offers (numerous sites).

This is absolutely my thought process when it comes to new casinos as well.

Once you've got yourself fully verified at a couple of casinos that carry pretty much the full roster of games between them (in my case Videoslots and LeoVegas), why subject yourself to the hassle and uncertainty of trying a new brand that doesn't bring anything fresh or interesting to the table, or in the case of Miduar, a SUB that's so opaque even seasoned CM folks can't quite work out what's going on?

I get why SUBs aren't popular with the casinos, but it's one of the few things they've got to entice new players in, especially when there are so many casinos to choose from now that process withdrawals seven days a week and often within a couple of hours. (So that isn't a unique selling point like it was 5-6 years ago.)

If L&L owned casinos can make their SUBs so simple (relatively speaking), why does Miduar feel the need to make things so complicated? I totally get why members here are getting hung up on the SUB, since it's literally the first thing that happens when you start playing at a new casino that offers one.

Maybe Miduar are going for the big headline figure of '300% UP TO £600' as an enticement, but if the protections they have to put up around that are so labyrinth that it ends up like trying to decrypt an alien language, one can't help but think they'd be better off with a standard 100% up to £100 or suchlike, with normal bonus terms.


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Jun 30, 1998
Just to chime in, there is an error with the MM payout data file we are using. The last few entries are showing the current date. :p I will try to fix this tomorrow .
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