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Feb 22, 2004
Is the autoplay on VP expert mode correct? I looked at it and could not find a way to alter it. I find I can alter the BJ autoplay tables to change the strategy.

I am just now starting to play more VP and would appreciate any advice.

Ah - we just had this discussion in a thread about 3 weeks ago and the overwhelming proof was - yes - its spot-on. I doubted it originally but we verified its as good as it says in VP :)
Simmo's right, and it is (or at least was last time I looked) alterable.
I don't think that Joker Poker autoplay always chooses the right strategy.
If you have Joker, Ace and King dealt it'll hold Joker and Ace. Would holding Joker and King give you more chances for a straight?
Another example is Joker with a bunch of low cards it holds Joker and one of those cards (out of blue 6 or 8 or something like this). Would you do the same or just hold only the Joker?
I tested the "straight" holds out as that was where i suspected the problems lay. What it does is evaluate the other cards in the draw and their proximity (at least this is how it seemed). So for example if you were dealt

Joker, 6, 10, 3, 5

...it would probably hold the Joker and the 10 as the 3,5 and 6 are all quite close slightly reducing the odds of a straight. Albeit its marginal. Also, the suit of the cards comes into play as this could decrease/increase the chances of a flush.

So in you Ace and Joker hold, chances are it discarded a card of the same suit as the King along with the King and the Ace was the only one in its suit. Maybe coupled with the fact you may have had a 9 and a 10 that could reduce the chances of a straight with the King. Just guessing - but i'm pretty sure its accurate.

We're talikng possibly fractions of % here. I have to admit i sometimes interrupt and stop it holding a straight with a "hole" purely cos i find it boring and would rather have the slim chance of a decent win :)

Download the shareware VP Calculator app or get Bob dancers VP app and check 'em out. Bet they match up.
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Can someone check out if Jacks or Better holds two face cards + one low card to a flush even when there's no straight draw?

So it would hold: A,K,7 of spades or Q,J,2 of hearts etc.

It definitely does this on one coin, where it would be correct, but also seems to do it on max coins, which is definitely wrong (according to Wizardofodds). Haven't played recently to check.
I've never seen it do that one Vesuvio and I play JoB more than any other vp game. But I also always play max coins.
Was a bit surprised first time I saw it hold A+Joker instead of K first time too but then I figured out A+Joker makes one more straight because it can make all the low straights too.

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