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Mar 1, 2004
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
After asking some questions in regards to Maple Casino I have downloaded, registered a real account and made a deposit. I have decided to put RTG on the side burner for a while until I read some positive reports coming out of any of the RTG casinos. This is not a bash on RTG at all, and I advise everyone to do what they want, it is just my own choice. With many posts questioning the fairness of online BJ, especially RTG I have a few quetions about MG Vegas Strip BJ. The Wiz lists RTG BJ with a house edge of 0.58% assuming they are using 4 decks. He has MG Vegas Strip BJ with a house edge of 0.3606% I would like to know if most people feel that they are getting a fair game at MG Vegas Strip BJ. I don't need to hear from bashers who are angry that they lost some money. I would like to hear if anyone experiences the strange, and unbelievable gameplay that has been experienced in RTG casinos lately. I am very cautious when it comes to my money and yes the house always has the edge, but I would like to be dealt a fair game (as everyone would). As per the advice in my other thread I have changed the strategy chart for the Autoplay feature to be exact according to the chart listed on wizardofodds for Vegas Strip BJ. I have not seen any posts here analyzing this BJ game, so any information from regular players at MG casinos would help.

If you want the "best" MG BJ game, find those Vipers that still offer the Classic game. The house edge is half that of the VS game. I played it very heavily - exclusively on flash casinos - until quite recently, and I was over 100% for many, many thousands of hands. Unpleasantly, I returned to the download version at Intertops a while back, and saw all the same sick shit I used to see on that game pre-2003 - endless, miracle dealer 21 suckouts and constant losing doubles. So maybe they can slip it in and out of "slot" mode at will.

The fact is, I don't trust any online casino to deal a fair game. If this is your bottom line (and it isn't mine) I highly recommend you only gamble in B & M casinos. I believe there are decent BJ games available in Canada, and you are GUARENTEED a fair deal. Looking for honest games online is a mug's game - you are guarenteed NOTHING.

I also used to be a fan of RTG, and I also currently regard all aspects of their gameplay with a lot of suspicion. I believe the nasty hit they took from our Pirate friend may have induced them to put some fixes in. RTG is no longer on my "fair" list.
I thought that old game was only found on NON viper versions Caruso??
It can be found at Vegas Villa and Vegas Towers, called "Classic Blackjack". Personally, I'm a lot more comfortable with the flash version from my own experience.
caruso said:
It can be found at Vegas Villa and Vegas Towers, called "Classic Blackjack". Personally, I'm a lot more comfortable with the flash version from my own experience.

In many flash version of MG casinos (e.g. Colosseum, Vegas7), there is a game called "Blackjack Table Game". Is this one deck BJ? I click HELP when I am on the table and it says

"Classic Blackjack is played with one standard deck of 52 playing cards that is shuffled before each game ...."
Played VS BJ at Goldfishka recently (flash). After bad run at the begining lost about $100 but then had good run and went up. Now about +100, playing 5 to 10. IMO it's really fair though a little bit streaky (which I like).

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