Microgaming Tournaments


May 19, 2010
Has anyone tried the MG tournaments lately? I played a couple freerolls today just for the hell of it, and they seem to have improved alot. The reels were spinning at normal speed, and I actually ran out of coins before time ran out on a couple. I played an Avalon tourney and the reels didn't even slow down waiting for the third scatter after two landed. I was shocked!

They did spin slower during a BDB 3-reel tourney, but I still ran out of coins before time ran out. Tried at a few MGs and it was the same with all of them.

Today was the first time I've bothered playing a MG tourney in a long time, have they been better for a while now?


Ueber Meister
Aug 25, 2010
There are still issues Mad Hatters after free spins you have to reboot, loaded seems to have been sorted.

I was playing the blackjack tourney on Monday and it froze and I couldn't get back in.

32Red and some others have increased the time to allow slower computer users to get a fair go.


Dormant account
Oct 20, 2010
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Hi, Perc. Sometimes rebooting is still required after FS, but mostly, for me at least, it seems that i very often get booted out of the games durings spins.

I finally stopped depositing because of all the issues such as being booted out during BJ, roulette and slots with my cash deposits. It's one thing when it happens if you are playing the free stuff but it's entirely different when it still happens with your cash deposits.

Maybe someday Mg's techies will fix these issues?:mad: