MicroGaming System's Software Suspicious Random Generation????



Suspicious "Random" Numbers' Generation

It appears the Microgaming gambling software is calculating table payouts before actual virtual spinning of the "Randomly" generated numbers appearing on the roulette wheel. Before writing this statement, I experienced first hand the following events, with about $1700 in real credit card losses.

I play Roulette frequently at several different internet online casino sites. Recently, I was participating in play with Orbital Casinos (licensed to conduct business in Curaao) downloaded computer software. I covered the entire table except one number, that number appeared as the so called random number. I thought that was overly suspicious. I then covered that number and uncovered another number. That uncovered number appeared.

Next, I divided the table in half 1-18 and 19-36. I covered the 1-18 numbers. So called "Random" numbers appeared in 19-36 for all the plays I had the 1-18 numbers covered. I then asked myself what would happen if I would then cover 19-36 numbers. The opposite end of the table (1-18 numbers) consistently appeared on the wheel.

Finally, I then covered quadrants (first 12, second 12, and third 12). If any two of the numbered quadrants were covered with bets, the third quadrant "Random" numbers would appear as long as the the quadrant wasn't covered with any bet. The roulette numbers were random in that essentially quadrant devoid of bets coverage.

Test the above scenarios. I'm sure you will arrive at the same conclusion. Microgaming Systems, an offshore gambling software company, has a serious program coding (cheating??) issue in their software or someone @ the casino site has tampered with the integrity of the softwares ability to truly generate "Random" numbers on the internet roulette wheel. PricewaterhouseCoopers, Inc., located in South Africa, verifies all site games payout ratios to be in some range of 90% or higher. It just so happens that PricewaterhouseCoopers, Inc. is engaged by Microgamimg Systems as their independent accountants for this purpose. Also take note, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Inc. does not ensure the integrity of the Microgaming software games only the payout ratios. ?????Fox Guarding the Hen House?????

This puts to question other games at other site utilizing this Microgamimg gambling software and may translate to internet extreme player cash losses, a definite casino player non-benefit or another SCAM. I should point out all players in the online casino gaming presentation are offshore(Outside the U.S. jurisdictional arena). No recourse or protection for wronged online casino players.

Microgaming Systems in United Kingdom
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Inc. in Johannesburg, South Africa
Orbital Casino is licensed to conduct business in Curaao

From what I understand is that there are numerous
variables here.

First, a random number generator on a computer requires a
"seed" to activate it. The most common seed is the time of
day which could be broken down into the number of
milliseconds since midnight. If you are playing an online
casino at the same time of day, it could be that you are
getting results for that time of day - if so, try various
times of the day and see if the results change.

What you might be seeing is that some electronic games are
programed for a guaranteed payout such as 92% which is what
the VLT's do here. In this case, the result of the game is
predetermined prior to your next play. In this case, the
results that you see *cannot* possibly be completely
random. When the machine becomes "loaded", it dumps.
Unfortunately, this event in itself appears random so it is
difficult to determine just when it is going to happen. So
check the casinos you are monitoring to see if they
advertise this "guaranteed payout" which implies a
non-random payout.

You are obviously much more technically oriented than I, but I agree that something stinks in this random generator system. At the very least, there's more to it than they're letting us know. I'll tell you my experience without comment on the technical side.

For last month+, I've played at ALLSLOTS, a random generator online casino. And lost my butt. A couple of times I'd hit a little, but I'd think--based on my cumulative losses--more had to be coming and keep playing. Bigger payoffs just didn't happen. Every time I tried, it would play down to nothing.

Well, anyway, I decided to write about my experience on ALLSLOTS. I've done some random writing for a few magazines--and since I've got compulsive gambler tendencies and online anything is hot these days--I thought my personal experience might get some print.

So I wrote to ALLSLOTS asking for more info about their payouts, free play vs. real play, etc., and they quickly provided answers. At the same time, I let them know I was asking the question(s) because I did some writing and intended to write about my experiences for magazine submission.

Immediately following that, I hit approximately $1500 on the Lucky Charmer game, and, again, kept playing. This time my experience was different. My play for two days stayed between $1500.00 and $3000.00. It basically wouldn't go beyond $3000.00 but wouldn't go below $1500.00. I bet it happened 15 times or more. And, to be honest, it got boring. It didn't change until I cashed in some of the winnings. Then it reverted back to the same old way it had been.

I believe a "lock" on my play had been put in place someway/somehow to guarantee I'd cash something. It was as though they didn't want me writing about all losses and no wins. You see, up to this point, I'd cashed nothing. It's since reverted back to its original "no second chance" form.

I just don't believe it's coincidence. I think they control who wins/who loses in some manner. Would be interested in your thoughts.
Attn: Alleyoops24
Hmmm, an old term "player profiling" comes to mind....I believe that most online casinos have the software to "profile" the player, and learn what you will do......give it a thought!

Over how many trials did you do this test? 4? 5? 20?

Post some facts then let's analyze them.

Alleyoop -

Trust me on this one. I run a website, and I write for sites all over the Net.

I lost my ASS at AllSlots. And I happen to know the people there.

You were just lucky/unlucky.
Inetwiz -

I was lucky and had an oversize win at Allslots.
Did you know it is a five deck game? Or does that matter to your play?

Spearmaster -

As for profiling, I was scrutinizing an online casino software company's website and tucked away in a description of features for there sportsbook module it said the lines were switchable according to the profile of the player then it listed three player types. The website is interactive-gaming.com they provide sw for Gameday, sunnysportsbook, fairdeal casino, fivecardcharlie, wssbcasino, vip-casino.
Interesting, Subic. I suspect those are steam, scalpers and squares :)

When it comes to a sportsbook, it's almost understood that different players get different lines. Now I don't happen to agree with that logic, but then I am not an expert on sports betting either. I do, however, know the CEO of IGW and I will ask him a bit more about this next time I see him in June.

Profiling had better not exist as far as casinos go, however.
Spearmaster :

under admin at IGW site it says "adjustable lines for Street / Wise Guy / Square Customers "

What does it mean?

(Subic = Portia)

squares are ordinary people. Not being a sports bettor, though, I don't think I am qualified to explain the other two types, other than to say they are generally the type the books keep an eagle eye on.
I too have noticed some all too coincidental patterns with MicroGaming. I've noticed that if you are a player who raises your bet on a loss and
lowers it on a win, they will sucker you into an escalating pattern then cut you off at the knees!
I've watched it happen time and time again. The only way to stop it is to pull the plug and limit
your losses. I've also noticed that their "random"
generator hits patterns where it will not only hit the same color, but the exact same number four or five times in a row. You can still win against MicroGaming, but you have to be alert to
their "tells".
This is very interesting reading, & to say that I don't think it happens would be a lie, on my behalf.
Lets all be honest to ourselves here, all forms of gambling have over the years been tampered with. Now that we are into the electronic age, & with the calculating power of computers, does it not surprise you that dodgy operators could manipulate the numbers or falls in their Online Casino.

As Inetwiz stated he was sure the casino once contacted made his account pay!

I have a personal story like this also. I deposited $20 into Colosseum >,---forgive my spelling ---| I playing 7 Oceans @ max bets @25cents per line... Got down to $11.75 & whamo I got 3 blue 7... @ this point I had won $250... Feeling lucky I increased the bet to $1 per line max lines and a few more spins got it again... this time paid $1000... Anyway I played like for the next 5hours @ the end I had accumulated over $5400US ....
I tried the next day and increased this to a grand total of $8500US...
Thinking I was on a massive roll I just kept going...needless to say I ended up loosing $5000US in a matter of 3 hours...
I did however cash out & yes I got paid...but it just seemed no matter what I did those 2 days, I simply could not loose!

I have yet to see anything that come a fraction of close to those 2 days, no over 14mths ago.

Anyway just thought I'd pass this along, I hope you all have a great day :)
I urge everyone to boycott all Microgaming casinos. The Tropika group of Microgaming casinos has defaulted on payments from players who withdrew funds in December. Microgaming is well aware of the situation, yet refuses to:

1) Issue any kind of press release.
2) Help pay players a percentage of thier profits.
3) Shut down Tropika casinos.

These casinos are still up and running accepting bets. SHAME ON MICROGAMING. Shame, shame, we know your name. Stay away from all.

As far as suspicios number generation goes,
you all know how I feel about this issue. I have collected my data from thousands of plays of blackjack and already put them into a spreadsheet. The results are still being anylized. Once I come to some kind of conclusion, I mayu decide to post the results here, and on a website for all to view. Please keep in mind, a friend of mine has already done this, and received an email from Microgaming's attorney with the threat of a lawsuit. Unbeleievable.
This is interesting reading, for sure. I am CONVINCED that Microgaming software is biased - pre-programmed for you to lose. Play one dozen, incresing your bet when you lose, and you'll just see how, 20 times in a row, 5 or 6 times running, your dozen will just keep LOSING.

Switch dozens, the same thing will happen.

I'm surprised the online casinos still have customers - doesn't everyone know they're cheating ?

Can anyone suggest another software type that does NOT have this inherent dishonesty?
IF any regular member here has played Microgaming blackjack with an average bet of $200 per hand, and has come out ahead of the game after several hours of play, please let me know. After approx 4 years gaming online, I've never heard of any REAL person who played with proper basic strategy at that level and won. This makes me extremely suspicious. In fact, I know of one person who recently contacted me via email who claims to have lost $15,000 in less than an hour playing $200 a hand at thier bj. The dealer just got 21 and blackjack, repeatedly.

Now compare that to Bossmedia. I know of several players who have bet at the $200 level playing blackjack, and have come out way ahead, after continuous playing all day/night. Also, I have personally made the top bet of $500 on the single player version after haveing won $5000 from a $400 deposit. I then continued to win and cashed out with $10,000. Since then, I had a major losing streak with Bossmedia for several months. I cut down my bets to the min, and cut my losses. In fact, one time recently, playing with rather small bets at a Bossmedia casino, I lost 36 out of 38 bets. At that point, I was under the impression that someone flicked a switch an turned on the cheat mode. I asked someone from Bossmedia to release an audit for me, and this was eventually completed. I examined it, and despite this one shocking bad run, everything else did seem completely fair. Since that instance, I managed to win $2000 from a $50 bonus, and then took $600 of it and won another $5000 for a total of $7000. I made about another 15 $500 bets in the process. I won 9 of the 15. So, my conclusion is that after literally hundreds of hours I've spent playing at Bossmedia casinos, I've done better with them than at a land based establishment. I would highly recommend Bossmedia.

Also, I highly recommend Global-Player, Stanley Acropolis, and Lasseters (despit the slow gameplay).

As for Cryptologic, I will not make a recommendation for or against them. But based on hours watching thier multiplayer mode, not many players walked away winners.
OK, I'm letting you know that I have had some nice wins playing $200 per hand at Microgaming Casinos. I'm not going to give specific numbers but about 2 weeks ago I have a very sizable win while playing 298 hands. I just finished at a casino where yesterday a lost $3000 real fast and between yesterday and today, got it all back and pulled out a $1000 win. I did very well during December at the Tropika group. Not getting paid my winnings has no bearing on this discussion.
I do ok on the Microgaming BJ.

And I think there is too much penile thinking going on in "the other forum". Yo, Spearmaster, there's a sizable percentage of humans who *enjoy* intromission. Who positively revel in a sound pounding. They're called "women".

Think you could stop thinking the worst insult you could make to a man is to equate him with a woman? Kind of pisses us girls off. Where would all you straight boyz be without us?

Go listen to the end of my interview on Casino Gazette....

Love, Mary, proud user of tampons

I never said he was a woman, or even implied it, other than to say that he needed to be spanked.

Strangely enough, I suspect there are men who like to be spanked by women... or other men...

so keep those thoughts to yourself LOL.

Love, Spearmaster, proud buyer of tampons for his wife
Thank you for your input Babe and Mary.


The only way anyone will ever have enough proof that Microgaming is running a dishonest game is if thier offices are raided. While this is a very unlikely scenario, don't dismiss this completely. Look what happened to Starnet. Perhaps if someone gathers evidence of money laundering or other corruption, this will become a reality.

It is my personal opinion that crooked people
cannot cover up thier actions forever. These people have no morals and ethics and it is only a matter of time that someone shows thier true colors. Also remember, birds of a feather flock together.

I remember a long time ago when I posted a message regarding Handa-Lopez on the RGT Online message boards. Sue Schneider responded, and basically told me she knew these people, and was reasonably sure they were running an honest operation.
HAHAHA Yeah right. Enough said.
I agree that crooked people cannot cover up their actions forver. And I agree birds of a feather flock together.

Now, since I have personally met two Microgaming owner/operators, if what you say is true then I highly doubt the game is dishonest.

Let me tell you what, though - if there is even a sniff of something wrong I will be right on top of it, I promise. As I said, I'm not saying Microgaming is or isn't doing whatever is being alleged. I'm saying that people should not be making claims they cannot back up with facts.

Jim Redmans, btw, is not one that I will ever recommend, along with Tropika.
What's up with Jim Redman Casino??? It says when you log in that it can't process any transactions due to 'technical difficulties'. It seems like it's been like that for a couple of months. So if anyone has any money in there what are they supposed to be waiting for?

I was waiting for a couple of cheques from March cashins which I got eventually. They did have a 20% promo, wager 3x(d+b), for a whole week and those cashins were delayed for a long time.
I am associated with two MGS (Microgaming) casino's and still cannot believe the opinions of those that like to bag MGS games, in particular, BJ.

Someone on another forum said something about MGS BJ only returning 93%!! I couldn't believe I even read that and wonder who could be convinced by such an argument. I also am curious as to why anyone would bother to keep such records, surely they're not trying to 'count' single deck BJ? LOL

I mean BJ odds at ANY casino fluctuate quite a bit, sometimes as much as 15-20% + - or more at certain times, especially when viewed on an individual's basis. We all want to be on the good end of these percentage fluctuations don't we? I know that I do! :) But over time and tens of thousands of hands, it always come back to 97-98%

Dave R, your own posting on the 21st May only contradicts your own argument. If your run of luck was reversed at bossmedia.......I bet you would now be bagging their BJ too!

There's my 2 cents!

"But over time and tens of thousands of hands, it always come back to 97-98%"

--<, how many thousands exactly to prove they come back to 98%? You may even sugeest hundred of thousand and still deny if it doesn't! And many of players simply don't have that much money to prove it, so it can never be proved right?? HAHA! what an excuse!
I am CONVINCED that Casino On Net and The Gaming Club is biased - pre-programmed for you to lose. When you log in, the program looks up your account and then determines if you win or lose. On roulette playing colors, play one,incresing your bet when you lose, and you'll just see how, 5 or 6 times in a row,you will just keep LOSING. Played black, 12 reds consecutive came up. This is not random number generated. Some days they let you win a little.

In roulette public table, the software keeps track of YOU, not what is on the table being bet. I bet the software analizes all bets before each play to check its losing potential. The ones with high stakes get screwed plus the low stakers accounts are analyzed.

Switch to other games on the site, the same thing will happen.

I'm surprised the online casinos still have customers - doesn't everyone know they're cheating ? I feel this is a great weakness for online gambling. At a land casino, the roulette wheel is manually turned. Online a machine programmed with you account information unfairly makes the decision. Because they our out of US, they can get away with it.

Can anyone suggest another casino or software type that does NOT have this inherent dishonesty?
I agree with you completely about Casino-On-Net.
The irony is that although the name of thier software is Random-Logic, the software is anything but. The sad thing is both Casinomeister and the OPA recommend them.

The only casino I truly have confidence in is Dr. Ho's site, since everything's live, right before your eyes. Dr. Ho may not over the best bonuses (15x playthrough) but at least you know you're dealt an honest game. Cust service is excellent, payouts are much faster than average,
and the management truly gives a damn.

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