Microgaming software & Trojan horse problem.


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I am new here. Today I downloaded the casino UK Casino Club, and my anti virus software popped up saying there was a trojan horse virus there. (I use AVG by Grisoft.)

I have played a couple other Microgaming casinos and didn't have this problem. Is this a known thing? Is this something I should be worried about? Or is this just something to do with my anti virus software?


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i use to have a big problem with ladbrokes, whenever i downloaded their casino my spysweeper would pop up with the warning that i had "golden tiger poker something" running, i would use spysweeper to clear it out, then the casino would no longer work, i would download it again and on the first time of running the same thing would happen again.

for some reason this would only ever happen whenever i ran the laddies software, however it hasn't happened for a long time now.


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same here

I have Norton AntiVirus and it pops up everytime I go to download a casino. Maybe I should listen to them. It also tells me when a casino is using spyware.
I got 17 trojan horses once on my computer and blamed it on the grandson downloading something he wasn't suppose to, before I had Norton up and running. Maybe I owe him a big apology.:D


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That one seems suspicious. I use AVG too and never had a virus or trojan at MG casinos.
Only once when trying to download casino glamour- thats different software, and thanks to this virus i avoided to loosing any money there!


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Another AVG user here and never had a trojan from an MG casino. I have played most of them including UK Casino Club.