Microgaming Software Systems Ltd, Question and comment from a US Player


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Nov 22, 2008
Hi all,

Originally my post was asking if someone knew how to contact Microgaming directly but with a toll free number. After writing this, towards the end of my posting I made a comment wondering why they don't just stick a code in, in regards to the random jackpot of 5 reel drive mega moolah. Then I thought, well maybe fortune lounge could put the code in, so I decided to call.

A representative from Fortune Lounge was wonderful, talked for a while. He said that the casino was in touch with Microgaming directly in hopes of fixing the problem where US Player can't play the jackpot slots. He said though, that unfortunately there hasn't been any update as of yet. But this is good, at least it's being talked about.

I haven't been to big on jackpot slots anyways, except for the video slots were the jackpot is random (when the wheel is spun after the random pick). It's not being able to play the megah moolah games itself that is a real downer. Because lets face it, it's not like I'd hit either of the two big ones, so it really is the structure of the game that I would enjoy more.

So, if someone does happen to know if there's a toll free number, I would call and pass my suggestion of at least putting a line of code in that lets US players play those two slot games, but exempt us from the random jackpot, while they decide what to do.

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