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Nov 6, 2003
Saturday May 1st I downloaded Crazy Vegas Casino and deposited $50. I played Aces & Faces for a few minutes @ .25 moving to .50 then back to .25. My money was going fast so I switched to Jacks or Better and did the same thing. I got to $15 and noticed that the denomination was set at .25 but the bet amount was showing 2.50. I called support and spoke to Craige (very nice and helpful). He walked me through taking a screen shot and sending it to him and made a query to microgaming. It has been 3 days and every day I call and they say that microgaming has tested and looked into it and see no problem. I am surprised with even with a screenshot and the game number (I got from Playcheck) that neither the casino or microgaming want to reimburse me for the time and aggrevation of this situation. Has anyone else ever had this much evidence and been denied. I have played for many years online and for more years in land based casinos and usually the casino will make sure that the customer is happy. I tried to include the screen shot here but the file was too big. I am not too computer literate so if anyone can tell me how to zip it or condense it I would love to have you all see it. Crazy Vegas says that they will pursue it with microgaming...what do you think?
Response from MicroGaming / Crazy Vegas Casino

Dear Venetian,

We thank you for your support at Crazy Vegas Casino. After much consultation with Microgaming, we conclude the following:

The Jacks or Better game has been in the Microgaming stable for many years. After receiving this inquiry, the game was submitted for testing and after many hundreds of thousands of hands, we were unable to replicate this error. Also, after thoroughly going through server logs, game audits and the like, there was nothing that could remotely account for this alleged gaming anomaly. It is therefore the conclusion of Microgaming that the game is functioning properly.

However due to the inconvenience caused, with this matter we have credited your casino account with the $20.00 Complimentary bonus. Please login and enjoy the games on offer!!

We thank you for your understanding in this matter, and do hope that the re-imbursement does meet with your approval.

The Support Team
Crazy Vegas Casino
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