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Apr 21, 2006
after seeing all the sparkling winner screenshots, i am having fun with ladies night at jackpot city.

I prefer to use the autogamble feature and sit back and watch. However within the first few minutes the spins slow right down. I close the casnio then reopen, and everything is fine to begin with. However pretty soon the spins slow down to a crawl again.

Does anyone know if this is a problem with my computer or whether there are settings that i can change in the casino in order to stop this happening?
i'm no geek but you might try just running the disk cleanup program on your PC......if you haven't done it in a while, you probably want to start it when you go to bed as it can take a while
Sounds like a computer issue to me. Try not to have anything else running while you're playing (instant messengers, browsers open, etc.) and see if that helps. Clean up the PC well, scan disk, defragment, etc., and free up some disk space by deleting uncessesary items if possible. Other than that, not much you can do, unless you feel like buying a new computer (or at the very least, adding some more memory). I had the same problems on my old comp, everything ran fine for a while and then would start to slow down. I tried everything, and unfortunately in the end, a new computer was all that stopped it from happening.

Good luck, hopefully it's something solvable with some simple clean ups :)
Open up the task manager to see what's running on your computer and what's taking up CPU time and memory. What OS are you running, what sort of CPU and how much memory have you got?
thanks for the help. Even with all other applications that i know of down, and only the casino running, its happening.

I checked in task manager and there are about 36 proccesses running:eek:
The majority are using about 1mb of memory. Some are around 8MB avgcc.exe / avgemc.exe / drst.exe / svchost.exe and explorer.exe (>20MB) I am in no way fluent with the technical side of computers but im guessing this must be the problem.

Im running XP on a pentium4 1.8ghz with 352MB of RAM. My local disc hard drive is 18GB with 6GB free.
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You need more RAM. 352MB of RAM is less than the minimum nowadays. Most people complain about 512MB of RAM. My suggestion is to get at least 1024MB of RAM, that is of course if your motherboard supports it.
im sure your right, i have got a secondry hard drive of 60GB but the 20GB one is the one that was put in initially for me so i just left it in control. Now that this is occuring i'll certainly find out about swapping them.
Try their flash casino and see if your still having the same problems.
Sometimes the server can get a bottleneck at peak periods when loads of players are on. But yours does sound like maybe a good clean up on your system would do the trick.
Also check your virtual memory.

NoMouthToScream said:
You need more RAM. 352MB of RAM is less than the minimum nowadays. Most people complain about 512MB of RAM. My suggestion is to get at least 1024MB of RAM, that is of course if your motherboard supports it.

The computer was built by a friend on the cheap with the idea being that when i upgrade i will leanr a bit more about computers. He has access to all sorts of components hence the reason for such small RAM (80% of cost went on case because he loves beautifying pc's) I was surprised when someone else told me that 1GB of RAM when i thought 352 was only half way there. I hope that the motherboard will accept higher RAM. He was working on the assumption that i would upgrade as i went along and assured me it was all easily upgradable.

Thanks for the suggestions. Im glad (i think) i know what the problem is.
Wildfire7 said:
Also check your virtual memory.


How do I do that? And is there a fix for it? I'm curious, because I got this exact message about a week ago while I was playing one night. Said Windows is increasing virtual memory (or something like that), and that some applications may be unavailable while this is happening? I am totally clueless. Thanks. :)

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