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Aug 11, 2012

It seems that the Danish gaming commision, along with some other strict rules, require casinos to list the RTP for individual games, and on the betway.dk site they do just that (list their RTP per. game for the last month) but they do it along with the theoretical RTP of the individual games, something I have not seen before, so I thought it would be worth posting here.

I apologize in advance if this info is already widely known and discussed here - if that is the case, feel free to delete this thread!
However, when I "lookup" mg slots at slot-review sites, I have seldom been able to find the RTP for the specific slots I consider playing, I also did a search here for RTP and microgaming/mg but there are many threads and some of them go on for many many pages, so again, I apologize if it is old news!

I have no way to know if the percentages are the official "Gospel" from MG, neither do I know if they can be "set on a per casino basis", and finally I do not know if the way it is calculated is the "right" way

Below is the info and I have translated the Danish text at the top and bottom. The original page is here:
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"intro text" at the site, translated from danish:
In accordance with the regulations determined by the Danish Gamingcommision (Spillemyndigheden), you can see below, an overview of our payback percentages for each offered game for the last month.

The theorretical RTP is marked with an asterix, giving this explanation of the number:
(*) If a game shows a theoretical RTP of 98,85, the licensholder will retain a fee of 1.15% (100 % - 98.85 % = 1.15 %) to maintain the game.

Sorry if its a bit hard to read, I gave up using the forum "table" function :confused:
The important part to understand, is that the rightmost percentage should be the games theoretical RTP.

Game: Type: Septemper: Theoretical RTP(*):

Adventure Palace Videoslot 96.13% 96.10%
Agent Jane Blonde Videoslot 95.87% 96.10%
Alaskan Fishing Videoslot 94.49% 96.63%
Astronomical Videoslot 77.09% 95.05%
Avalon Videoslot 97.31% 96.01%
Big Kahuna Videoslot 92.55% 96.10%
Big Kahuna - Snakes & Ladders Videoslot 96.32% 96.86%
Big Top Videoslot 95.75% 96.94%
Break da Bank Again Videoslot 96.68% 95.43%
Burning Desire Videoslot 96.66% 96.19%
Bush Telegraph Videoslot 96.83% 96.56%
Carnaval Videoslot 95.18% 96.94%
Cashapillar Videoslot 96.82% 95.13%
CashOccino Videoslot 92.59% 96.06%
Cashville Videoslot - 95.99%
Centre Court Videoslot 98.66% 95.51%
Deck the Halls Videoslot 92.43% 95.38%
Gold Factory Videoslot 94.68% 96.39%
Great Griffin Videoslot 101.92% 96.54%
Hellboy Videoslot 96.29% 96.49%
Hitman Videoslot 94.78% 96.30%
Ho Ho Ho Videoslot 103.50% 95.88%
Hot Ink Videoslot 93.79% 97.50%
Immortal Romance Videoslot 93.68% 96.01%
Kathmandu Videoslot 94.46% 96.79%
Ladies Nite Videoslot 98.79% 96.10%
Lady in Red Videoslot 115.08% 96.25%
Lion's Pride Videoslot 94.86% 95.90%
Loaded Videoslot 93.51% 96.29%
Mad Hatters Videoslot 94.87% 96.08%
Mega Spins Break Da Bank Again Videoslot 93.47% 99.65%
Mermaids Millions Videoslot 97.09% 96.56%
Pure Platinum Videoslot 97.48% 96.49%
Reel Gems Videoslot 94.82% 96.52%
Retro Reels Videoslot 93.47% 96.02%
Retro Reels - Extreme Heat Videoslot 96.22% 97.50%
Retro Reels - Diamond Glitz Videoslot 83.83% 96.47%
Rhyming Reels - Hearts & Tarts Videoslot 98.67% 96.10%
Robin Hood - Feathers of Fortune Videoslot 96.09% 96.63%
Scrooge Videoslot 94.22% 96.74%
Silver Fang Videoslot 99.38% 96.16%
Sonic 7's Power Spins Videoslot 93.27% 99.54%
Spring Break Videoslot 87.75% 96.10%
Stash of the Titans Videoslot 94.18% 95.07%
Sugar Mama Videoslot 92.99% 96.51%
Tally Ho Videoslot 85.38% 95.87%
The Great Galaxy Grab Videoslot 94.90% 95.97%
The Osbournes Videoslot 94.04% 96.29%
Thunderstruck Videoslot 104.36% 96.10%
Thunderstruck II Videoslot 95.40% 96.65%
Tiger's Eye Videoslot 92.02% 96.26%
Tomb Raider Videoslot 101.62% 96.56%
Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword Videoslot 91.57% 95.22%
Voila! Videoslot 91.72% 96.37%
Aces & Faces - 4 Play Videopoker 96.74% 95.89%


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Sep 10, 2012
Awsome info thx!!

One question springs to mind tho.. How can the T-RTP on mega spin BDBA be higher than the T-RTP on BDBA? ( by a lot as well! )

I always assumed it was the same slot, only running 4 at the same time, and this would not affect T-rtp? i might be just wrong...


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Aug 11, 2012
Hmm, sonic 7s is highest (along with BDBA Mega)

Yeah, the BDBA mega suprised me as well. However it is important to remember that this says nothing about variance, so choosing the highest RTP if you only got the bankroll for a few hundred spins are not always wise IMHO.

For me this info does not really change what slots I play atm. entertianment, and the chance for a significant hit will still play a large role in my slot choice.


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Feb 14, 2007
BDBA Megaspin DOES NOT count towards wagering :)

I was playing at 32Red last month and my playthrough didn't move on that Slot... contacted live help and was told it doesn't count.

Makes sense now :)

TY OP for the Info!!



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Aug 14, 2012
Many thanks for this. I'm surprised that BDBA Mega Spins has such a high RTP. My personal experience with it was never good.


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Jun 20, 2006
Many of these numbers don't match the RTPs that Virgin list on their site (Immortal Romance and Hot Ink for example). The Mega Spin BDBA figure isn't believable at all. There's no way it pays 99.65%.


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Aug 11, 2012
Many of these numbers don't match the RTPs that Virgin list on their site (Immortal Romance and Hot Ink for example). The Mega Spin BDBA figure isn't believable at all. There's no way it pays 99.65%.

Well, as I said in the original post, there is no way I can verify these numbers. However, it is kind of a strange coincidence that Nate weas told specificly that BDBA megaspin did not count towards wagering.

The list (that I can find) on the virgin page, has an asterix next to the RTP label, but I can find no mtaching explanation.

So the differences between the two lists raises some interesting questions, is one of them wrong?, both of them wrong?, one of them outdated?, can it be set on a "per casino basis"?, is it a difference in calcuclation?, etc.?

EDIT: I talked to live-support and asked about the numbers (specificly if they calculated them themself or got them directly from Microgaming) the supporter (quite understandably) did not have that info, but whould ask "the boss" and I was told to expect an email answer in 48hours, I will reply here once I get the answer.

(I did also point out that another casino has different numbers and that it was important for me to understand if they actual % could differ between various microgaming casinos, not too sure they will answer that part though :) )
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Aug 11, 2012
Ok, got an answer from Betway today.

Translated it states: "The payback-percentages, both the theoretical and actual, are delivered and updated directly by microgaming and are monitored by eCOGRA"

I have no idea why the differ on the virgin site, but as the virgin site has no explanination on "what the % really is" despite having marked the RTP with an Aserix, I am personally leaning towards the betway numbers being correct.

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