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Oct 17, 2004
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This might be blindingly obvious to some people, and apologies if I come across as being naive for only just noticing!

I've decided; the 'free spin' features on Microgaming Slots such as Spring Break, Thunderstruck, Ladies Nite etc - are predetermined and not random in terms of the wins that roll in.

Having played these very heavily over a number of months now, I'm convinced they're more of a 'bonus feature' with a pre-determined outcome as opposed to a continuation of the ordinary spins. This makes them identical to other bonus features such as the idols on Tomb Raider, pick the person on Skulldugggery etc etc. What I believe happens is that as the three/four (or five, yeah right ;)) symbols roll in, the software then says "Ok, you're going to win x amount, and in roll the wins to make up to that. Cryptologic slots make no attempt to hide this. When you get the free spin features on their slots, you always see a very different from usual pattern of wins or lined up symbols.

I'm not saying this is neccesarily a terrible thing, as I've had some good hits from free spin features, it just maybe takes the edge off the excitement a little bit. It's interesting the way you sometimes have the best free spin features ever, rolling in two or three five symbol wins, then sometimes you'll win absolutely nothing. You do often see wins come in during free spins that you almost never see in 'open play' though.

Mind you, I suppose and hope it's all still random ultimately in terms of what you get awarded... It's just that I didn't previously realise these features were so calculated, and assumed you theoretically COULD get those five 'Spring Break' symbols rolling in three times straight after each other, if the numbers happen to fall in the right order...

I guess it's the same in Vegas.

I'd be really interested if anyone with any proper insight would contribute, or any thoughts from anyone else? Ta in advance! :D
I agree. I think you are 100% correct! I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday.
My belief was reinforced by what I got in only about an hour's slot play:-
Tomb Raider - 5 Tigers, and Dolphin King (Cryptologic) 4 x '9' + Dolphin (Wild x2).
Both during the free-spins, of course!
But like you say - I've had some very nice wins from the features, so who cares! :D

Edit] Added yesterday's TR Tiger shoot - sorry, shot!
This is actually the biggest win I've EVER had from the bonus round on an MG slot! :thumbsup:
(But I was 'pushing the boat out' by risking 10c/line! ;) )
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Hmmm....i'd say judging from your post that your experience has been pretty random results! I don't think its predetermined that you will win 'x' amount when you do get the free spins. I have had unusually good luck when the bonus feature finally gets around to popping up. I waited 200 spins once to get the 3 beach parties to show up in Spring Break....and then managed to get 3 beach parties 3 more times during the free spins. So I suppose its possible to hit 5 three times in a row......

On another note, maybe its just me, but Ho Ho Ho seems VERY stingy on the free spin feature.....i've only gotten it once....I guess its waiting for Christmas before it loosens up?
You may be right Slotster, but as you say, it doesn't really matter. Fact is they set the payouts at 95% or whatever so it doesn't matter how you get there, the bonus features just make it a hell of a lot more fun - especially when you get the big ones :)

I have a spreadsheet of some 22,000 spins on Tstruck that i did measuring the bonus rounds, average payouts, occurrences etc if anyone's interested.


free spins...

I have often wondered if it makes any difference if you exit from your free spin session, and then later go back and resume it, if the outcome might differ, or if it is like some suggest, pre-determined. I find if you hit a real nice initial win, then the resulting 14 spins might be more moderate, vs. with a modest initial hit, the next 14 spins might be more lucrative. Therefore, can this fairly predictable result be changed by exiting and returning say a few hours or (for those of great discipline) a day later? Dunno...
I agree with Largeyes regarding the Starluck tourneys; whether they be freeroll or paid tourneys. On two occasions, my final score for the round appeared before the round was over with, and sure enough at the end of the round, my score was exactly that.

This made me too suspicious and thus the reason i do not play anymore.

This may also be just coincidence but it has happened too many times on the free spins at MG sites....the amt. that I win in the free spins adds up to the amt. that I started with when i entered that particular game. In other words, I win back what i have wagered on that particular slot.
Simmo! said:
I have a spreadsheet of some 22,000 spins on Tstruck that i did measuring the bonus rounds, average payouts, occurrences etc if anyone's interested.QUOTE]

I never thought I'd say this as I've been pretty much a VP exclusive player, but...I'd love to see your results.

Don't know if I can interpret your spreadsheet, but it would be very interesting indeed to know what your payback was...and what the average number of spins between bonus rounds was.

VP can get booring.

Never thought I'd say that, but it's true!

Hi guys

To those who PM'ed - i'll webify the spreadsheet and stick it up today.


** Few things to keep in mind:

In the event that your screencard is slow, it might appear as if your spin is still happening, but in effect it is already done with and calculated, hence the experience of tunisianwife.

Kmartinusa, you think being a VP is boring? Gosh, I can only wish! hehe.

I guess the question about exiting and re-entering (and these are merely my thoughts) would be that it does make a differance. I believe that the 'build-up' of spins and the 'random' calculations after a long run becomes less in your favour the longer you play. I believe that it is not bad, since house-edge is then 'enforced'. I mean, seriously. If you are only suppose to win 5% of the time, the longer you play, the more of your wins you've had! I hope you get what I say, since I find it hard to put in words.

Those are my thoughts, for today. I have flu, so they might only make sense to other pple on meds. **
Thanks for your comments everyone! :)

I played a bit more last night, and I'm convinced now! Like Simmo said up there, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things as you've as much chance of getting a 'good' free spin feature as opposed to a 'bad' one, it's just not what I originally thought. I remembered as well, 'Reel Strike' and the way the free spins work on that machine give a much clearer indication of how the free spins are 'fixed'. Like I said, not neccesarily a bad thing as such, just a bit of a shame. I guess if they were random, you'd lose as much as you win anyhow!

It explains why on the 'Rapid Fire' slots at Crypto they remove the 'Rapid Fire' bit before starting the free spins too

The only solution is for me to play a whole load more at 32RED, just to make sure! For scientific reasons you understand :D
"The only solution is for me to play a whole load more at 32RED, just to make sure! For scientific reasons you understand"

LMAO, thats good.

Dear Dr. Slotster, We here at the Academy of Slot Science commend you for all of your research efforts. :notworthy
paul02085 Said: Dear Dr. Slotster, We here at the Academy of Slot Science commend you for all of your research efforts. :notworthy

**Where do I sign up please? *grin* It is important to have a second opinion *grin* **

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