Microgaming,s 5-Reel Drive Slot


Jun 8, 2003
I don,t think anyone,s software turns your PC into a real slot machine better than Microgaming. 5-Reel drive slot is no exception. Beautiful graphics and smooth play. Only one short-coming.....this slot is the tightest bastard I have ever seen in my life. Anyone else notice that?
I hate 5 reel drive. It's the tightest video slots out there it seems. My personal favorite is Sun-Quest. You can find this at Sunvegas, Lucky Nugget, and Gaming Club (I think). It seems to be pretty loose. I've done pretty well with this game.

Anyway, I hate the dude with the beard. He reminds me of an a-hole of a boss I once had years ago.
I,ve always done better on Sun-Quest also. As far as 5-Reel Drive is concerned, I,ve given it more than just a casual spin or two, so I know from experience that this slot is about the tightest thing that I,ve ever played. Many times I,ve hit a nice (temporary) score at Microgaming Casinos and decided to put 5-Reel Drive to the test. I,ve played max bet.... $18.00 per spin for hundreds of dollars to see if this machine was just holding back the small hits to reward me with the biggie. Nothing! This machine is nothing more than a money-losing effort as far as I,m concerned. Theres,s always a few big winners on any machine or software, and I,m sure that 5_Reel has had a few satisfied customers...but on the whole, this slot is a money-maker! (for the casino!) Take Care! Tim
Never played Sunquest - but my experience with 5-reel drive is that it most certainly can be tight - but when you're on a roll... there's a lot of give and take with this machine. I have no idea what the real odds are though.
I've actually hit the jackpot on 5 Reel Drive twice within a month . . . at the same Casino (All Slots). SunQuest, on the other hand, goes on long losing streaks (at least for me).

That's just been my experience.

I'm interested in hearing which Microgaming Slot or Slot(s) have you experienced the best (most frequent) payouts on? I've tried them all, and the only one that I ever got to hit was 5 Reel Drive. What's your experience???
I used to do very well on Sizzling Scorpions, had a knack for picking the winning one in the bonus game. Lately the ones I hit pretty good were cash splash and roadhouse (got 4 out of 5 of the jackpot symbols lined up on that one for a nice payout, but oh so close!)
Sizzling Scorpions is kinda weird... LOL... I always picked the second highest...

Closest I ever got was two Major Millions on the payline, and the third just below... boy, that sucked! But later I got two 7s and a Major Millions, so I won't complain :)
JPM . . . Roadhouse? Do you mean Reel Thunder? I like that game, as well . . . but I've never really accomplished anything on it. I did hit the 5 Pharohs on Treasure Nile (also at All Slots). Unfortunately though, it wasn't on the 9th Payline . . . but I did win a a whopping $3200. My winning seems to go in streaks though. If I'm winning on one game, then I'm winning on all of them. However, the reverse holds true as well . . unfortunately that happens most often. I'm thinking, though, that this has more to do with the Casino's belt than my streaks of luck. IMHO.
Holy Cow surfergirl, that's a great hit on treasure nile! I can't win squat on that one. Yes I did mean reel thunder, I couldn't remember that name.

I had a similar experience to spearmaster when I was playing cash splash, got 2 cash splash symbols on the first 2 lines and the third was on the position just above the payline :mad: (1/2 way there, just a little further down!!!) My heart skipped a beat thinking I was hitting a $68k jackpot. Then later that day, someone else won MY jackpot! I was pissed.
LOL Bryan...

Fester, both Bryan and I have met the winner of the first large Major Millions jackpot. I can emphatically assure you that he was not a shill. And I have communicated with a few other jackpot winners - one of who visits here quite often LOL.

jpm - that sucks... actually happened to me once also but that was like 30-40K compared to what was then somewhere past a million...

By tracking, I mean kind of waiting until the jackpot hits a certain level before playing...
Here's a screenshot that a player sent me a while back: https://casinomeister.com/static/images/screenshots/fruit_fiesta_win.html

Which reminds me, about a month ago I was board and checked out one of my Microgaming casinos. I had $1.00 in the account. So I played Fruit Fiesta just for shits and giggles. I played max bet on the first spin - nothing. I had .25 cents left and played one line. Two fruit fiestas and a purple seven turned up on the top line -- it didn't count!

I was so pissed! :mad: Lesson learned: never play only one line on these games.
I always believe that the machine does that on purpose to make you spend more money on it. I've seen that happen both online and on land.

I know, I know, its just a random occurrence and the machine isn't doing it just to bait me, but it sure feels that way.

Spearmaster, your heart must have stopped for a while on that million dollar+ near-win. I think I would have been firing a barrage of obscenities at the computer after my heart restarted.
Actually, I muttered under my breath for a few hours... everyone else was asleep LOL.

There was a time when slot machines actually DID do that - if the chip knew it was a non-win, it would be programmed to show a big near-win.

Apparently they can't do that now - but online, sometimes it makes you wonder... LOL...
Aha! So I'm not crazy. The machines are taunting me!! :crazy:
Hah, that reminds me of a time Bryan, I was down to my last 25 cents at a MG casino playing 7oceans, I got the 3 red 7's on the top line also.

$1000 bucks I didn't get :(

I always play max lines on these games now.

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