Microgaming progessives: Starting jackpots?


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Sep 1, 2004
Does anyone know if MG has recently changed the amount of what its progressives start out as?

For example, I thought Lotsaloot started at $2,500, yet the progressive was won only a couple of hours ago and now it sits at over $31,000.

A little over a week ago Fruit Fiesta was won around $64,000, then, the next day I think it was hit at around $32,000. How is this possible if it starts at $800?? Ive been playing MG long enough to know the pot cant possible have grown that much in less than 24 hours.

Does MG change what the progressive starts at from time to time? Ive notice oddities like the above quite often....
If it's starting higher than the normal seed value, it's because the jackpot was won in another denomination, usually dollars or rand. If I recall correctly, all jackpot values are calculated in pounds, so that if you were to hit in pounds, you'd win the exact amount - anything less is converted to the appropriate currency and deducted from the existing jackpot.
Spear's explanation seems sensible but from my limited experience in MG progressives,they should originally have been calculated in dollars,if not now at least 2 years ago. When the jackpots at Fruit Fiesta,Lotsaloot,Major Millions and Cashsplash were reset,they started from very humble beginnings and the whole jackpot had been won. Nearly all of the winners were from US and I think they should have been playing in US Dollars. Maybe things have changed and with more players playing in pounds,they could have converted the jackpot currency to the higher value one.
Primary and secondary jackpots

I believe that most of the Microgaming jackpots now have 'backup' jackpots which take over once the primary jackpot is hit. A year or more ago the reset values stopped being anywhere near the old starting values.

This is a tactic used in some land-based casinos as well. The jackpot contributions generally are split with most of the money funding the primary jackpot but some of the money funneled into the secondary jackpot. The only way you'll see a reset close to the advertised starting value is when two jackpots are hit in close succession.

I think this is what is now happening at Microgaming.

You can see the graphs at
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This is most interesting and you are equipped to speak on the matter like no one else but the software entities themselves.

I am glad you stopped by to contribute.

Between you and Spear we have these sorts of questions covered.
The jackpots were indeed originally calculated in dollars.

BJInfo, that's an interesting observation. Though I keep different charts than you at Awesome Jackpots, we are essentially storing the same data, and of course I have also noticed less hits which reset to the original seed values.

I will see what I can find out about that, it's in both (for that matter, everyone's) interests to know how that works.

BTW, if you are in Montreal, I would like to catch up with you - sadly I have to miss Miami as I have to rush to LA, then Tokyo, then back home - I couldn't even manage to visit my sister in San Francisco :(
So if what BJ Info says is correct, does that mean when we play a MG progressive, a small % of the take is being put into an invisible back up jackpot? This seems a bit deceptive, if I understand correctly.
I don't consider that deceptive. It's no different than the progressive contribution to the primary jackpot. In both cases, the money is retained to be paid out to a future winner.

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