Microgaming- Orbital BJ really SUCKS!!!-- AVOID at all cost!


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Feb 25, 2002
Out of 3000 hands, I can't believe the result could be this:

lose: 1801 hands(60.03%) ; win: 943 (31.43%)& push: 256 (8.53%)!!
everyone know when playing strictly with basic strategy, the result should be close to even, but why every time I draw, I bust, the dealer draws, always 21 or comes close; successive high cards or low cards; dealer never bust at 5 or 6; dealer gets multiple blackjacks, 20s when 10 being the up card, when i get 21, the dealer pushes with me etc... all of these sh*t goiug on and repeatedly, and so even I played with small bets and a progressive system, i still falled from 800 to 300, MAD~~!

Yes, the sample size is not convincing, but sorry,i can't feel alright with this, it's far from acceptable.

I've heard of people talking about MG's stinking BJ, and mow really got it. They started to pull all those sh*t in once saw someone could play pretty well! Besides BJ, other games maybe biased too since they can do this so well!

I don't know other's exact experiences, but I am going to take this. I've been playing at Orbital's BJ, so now AVOID at all cost and maybe all other MG casinos' BJ as well!
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This shows that hparade's sample was not accurate, and this run at Orbital was well within normal expectations.

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