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Dirk Diggler

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Mar 21, 2004
Hi All,

Just experienced Microgaming's new download (from new, not updating an already installed casino) for the first time and either they've made some extremely annoying changes or I'm being thick.

What it is, is that when you download the software it doesn't appear to let you install the software or more importantly exit the software downloader without either signing up or imputting your existing account number.

In my case I was an existing client and didn't know my account number. This ment that I was stuck with the download screen on my computer til I either signed up again or found my account number out.

Is this everyone else's experience, or am I overlooking something?

If it is as it appeared to me then they really need to look at this. What if a new player wants to download a casino and not signup there and then? They don't appear to have anyway of doing this - oin effect they are forced to signup. Very annoying I can tell you.

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