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Sep 14, 2001
My experience at this microgaming casino has finally convinced me that you CANNOT win at Blackjack! My playlog shows among other things, the dealer hits 4 20's in a row and then the 5th hand is Blackjack, never seen that anywhere else. No winning streak more than 2 hands to the player but several streaks in favor of house of 5 or more. First session was over 2/1 to the house, in other words over 50% of hands won by the house. After I contacted them and questioned their game fairness, second session came out almost even. Funny that. Their Poker Pursuit, a variation of video poker, was even worse!
First session of hands was Wins-15 Lose-35, second session was Wins-7 Lose-52! can you believe that? what sort of odds are these?
Anyway you only get standard response from them and the message is clear - DO NOT PLAY HERE.
That's microgaming for you. We have been saying it here all over the place. I am not a slots person. But from my understanding microgaming is only good for slots.
I won $477.00 playing $.50 limit blackjack over a two day period at Music Hall Casino. I haven't been paid yet, and have posted a warning for potential new players, but my experience at the table was certainly good. If their customer support and cash in record were to improve, I think I might spend a lot of time playing there. I love a cheap minimum bet blackjack game. Of course, who wants to play at a Casino that horses you around on those too rare occasions when you've booked a win and want to collect your money?


I guess I'm in the minority here, but I just believe that good customer service is a necessity if I'm to give a casino my repeat business. Yes, I liked the software and the low betting limits, yes I won money with my playing, but no, I wasn't satisfied that this casino was willing to go one inch out of its way to correct a mistake that THEY made, in order to make the problem right. Had they done so, I would be taking a much different tact and praising them fulsomely. I'm not down on them so much as I'm disappointed that they didn't make any effort to try to make things less wrong by accelerating my payout after they admitted that they had mistakenly reversed it in the first place. Their mistake caused me to wait an extra six days for my money. Had they made any type of effort, they could have made the delay one or two days at the most which would have been acceptable to me. Customer satisfaction is either important to them or it isn't. To me, they've shown me that it isn't.

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