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May 4, 2006
pittsburgh, pa
im really surprised that microgaming casinos dont have vegas style Keno. for example when i go to a brick n mortar casino and play 5 numbers, the payout is 810 coins which means for a quarter i can win 200 dollars. on microgamingif you play 5 numbers and hit them, the payout is only 50 coins! because they offer those real small payouts for hittng like 2 numbers or something. I wonder if they ever will add another Keno version for all the Keno players that like the real version. i know parlay entertainment and RTG have the correct Keno payouts but i dont trust them like microgaming casinos. IF anyone can ask someone at one of those casinos, that may help. thanks
Yeah i agree. MG keno is poor because of the small payouts on 1,2 or 3 numbers. I'd rather get nothing on those and bigger top end payouts, like Wagerworks do who have easily the best Keno IMO (No USA except in fun mode though).

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