Microgaming fixes their Blackjack


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Dec 7, 2004
It seems like Microgaming has, long overdue, fixed their auto-play strategy in their Viper software. So far I have noticed changes to Atlantic City BJ and Vegas Strip BJ. All of the the faulty strategy looks as if it has been corrected!
The software will inform you of the changes when you log on to a changed game...I have tried to track down all of the changes but can find no "patch update" documents, on my computer nor on their website.

Congratualations to Microgaming for finally fixing these issues.
So they have! :notworthy

The only possible reason I could imagine they'd come up with for not changing it was that players might complain if their strategy alterations were changed - but asking if you want to have the new 'enhancements' or to keep your old strategy is an elegant solution.

So kudos to MG & I can stop accusing all the MG casinos of being complicit in fraud :thumbsup:

I just tried Playcheck, thinking that they might have added a simple way of finding out your total wagering on each game, but it still seems like the awkward beast we know and ... Still, where would the fun be if there was nothing to complain about ;)
atlantic citybj mg- my experience

in the last 2 months i played bj , atlantic city and other , and very strange
down zero every time , i had the dealer 20 or 21 maby 40 times in a row ,when i had 20 dealer never lost or won on 21 . had strange feeling .

maby 1 deck is better , but from were is the 52 cards deck starts ?

Yes, strange is what it is !!!

Same for me. I dont trust MG anymore, at least their 1 deck BJ is rogue (notice the diff when playing a bonus, or not !! Heavy)

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