Microgaming Casino's and the $10.00 Scam


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Mar 6, 2003
Okay, let me tell you what happend first:

I am ready to go and make some money, like normal. :) I go over to Vegas Slot Casino, and yeah, they have a free $10.00 signup bonus! I signed up, played and won $50.00. I don't feel like playing more and losing it, so I check out. Everything goes fine, untill a week later when the $50.00 is back in my account and I get a transaction error for god knows what reason. Well, I figured it was something up with the credit card, but nothing came up. I did it again, and I waited another week. The $50.00 came back in the account and yeah, another transaction error. O_O Well, anyways, I played all that money away anyhow. :)

Then I went to Seven Sultans, and the same thing happend, only I think the response time was quicker. No matter, the same deal happend.

The strange part is, when I do pay, I get the payments just fine. I think this is a scam...

Anyone else have this issue?
Did you ever ask the casino why they kept bouncing the $$ back into your account? Alot of them say that you can cash out winnings from that free $10 if you either wager it x number of times (usually alot) or build it up to x dollars (also usually alot.
The requirements for these casinos are a minimum of a $50.00 winning, and when you win $50.00 with the free $10.00, you can cash out and recieve your money! NO other requirements are required
Was the $50 going back to your credit card, or payment via check/etc.?
They cannot credit your credit card with $50 if you have not spent $50 with your credit card in thier casino.

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