Microgaming Casino selling casino DB??


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Jul 23, 2005
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We buy customer databases, top dollar paid
Posted by: Dan@AllSlots (---.block.alestra.net.mx)
Date: July 22, 2005 08:37PM

We are expanding our player base and looking to aquire fresh player data. This would include, name, email, phone and deposit history.

Contact me directly barney at allslots dot com with the data you have for sale and your asking price.

Please be sure to include a sample with full relevant player details.

Dan Banks

I think Microgaming needs to take a serious look at the security and policy towards this. As a player I would be a bit scared knowing this is going on with their casinos.
Far be it from me to defend Microgaming, but that is plainly a fake post, intended to draw heat away from the other situation. No way would a Microgaming casino do something so cack-handed, and the timing is ludicrously obvious.
Everything looks suspicious at this point. I'm new to online gambling, and would really hesitate to play on more casinos if this was so widespread. I went to that startcasino link and it really does appear that there is a market where people buy/sell player information. Now it can all be BS but what kind of assurances we have this is not happening without us (the players) knowing? I guess a player can really never know until we get an unfamiliar charge on our CC.
Scroll further down on that website and there are similar entries from "Rick" at Crown Vegas doing the same thing.
Quite interesting to read.

Edit: Oops, sorry. This was a repeat of a previous message. :oops:
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Yep - signed up 24 July. Just too much of a coincidence. I think Caruso is right on the money with this poster.
I get lists offered to me by mail about every other week.

I usually just delete the mails.

Maybe I should save the next one for you all to see.

Most of the lists that are sold are fake - harvested addresses or 5 years old ones, or they are sold so many times over that the poor recipients have long abandoned the address or blocked all bulk mail...

Of course you have the big time spammers too, who will buy up all lists they can find and then send mail for anyone who will pay for it.

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