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Nov 19, 2002
Funny how so many Microgaming casinos do not allow blackjack play to satify their required action for cashing out. I don't know why not. You can't win at it anyway. Their blackjack is absolutely TWEEKED. When is something going to be done about it? I can't believe that there are so many reputable casinos employing this luckiest blackjack dealer in the universe, and there is relatively little discussion on the bulletin boards.

I've had good wins at their slots, their Carribean Stud, their video poker, everything but the blackjack. I seldom even try anymore. What's the use? Your first card is going to be a paint, and here comes the 4 with it. If you're lucky enough to spike a 7, expect a miracle 6-card 21. PUSH! What a frustrating rip off. Their blackjack game is so TWEEKED. No doubt in MY mind.

It's not like it's an isolated rogue. It's THE major software provider!

I always do ok at Microgaming casinos. I admit there have been bad runs but I have also had good runs and I am up overall.
I've said the same thing many times Paul, but people keep defending them. No doubt in my mind that MG's blackjack cheats. I've never seen a dealer or player have that kind of luck at any casino I've ever played at.
Hell, they all cheat you in one way or another. Just Microgaming is the most obvious one. The just dont want you to win, period.
Kind of reminds me of the first online casino that i ever played at back in '98, which was Grand Online Casino. I absolutely could never win at that casino.
I played Casino Kingdom today, a Microgaming casino, and doubled the 50% bonus amount on Blackjack (the bonus was $300 on $600 deposit). I'm on $1200 after wagering most of the requirements. I've wagered 5k of 7.2k required. I'll play the rest tomorrow. I was betting $10 a hand but lowered my bet size a bit once I reached $1200 (which was after $2400 in wagering).
Some people may be able to win a little at MG, but for some of us it has been deemed impossible.
You're right though, that it's possible they all cheat in some unusual way! I've played for four years and not noticed anything obviously wrong with the well known software such as Cryptologic and Microgaming. I've always played the proper blackjack strategy, though. If any do cheat, they would more likely cheat players who don't play the best strategy, or cheat on the higher bets (compared to your usual bet size). The variance would be high for the few big bets so cheating would be hard to detect and people testing for fairness would probably play the proper strategy.
WTG on that win sirius, you are the first one I've ever known to win serious money on MG blackjack. Savor the moment, since I don't think it'll happen again! I gotta say though, Casino Kingdom has been a lucky place for me too, hit a natural royal on Joker poker for $1350 there playing out my initial bonus.
Sure, I've won before in their Blackjack. I've played at all their games and won before. But lightening does strike once in awhile. It is difficult to get a feel for the integrity of their other games. But regarding their blackjack, there is just something wrong with it. Period. I've played enough blackjack in B&M casinos and on other online software. I believe I have gotten a fair shake on Boss Media, Odds-On, Cryptologic, Playtech, even RTG. Sure, sometimes you get lucky, sometimes the dealer gets lucky. It's to be expected. But on MICROGAMING blackjack, it just ain't right. I have never seen a luckier dealer. I don't know how they do it, or when they do it. But there's something wrong with it.
Notice that he has not met the full betting requirements to cash out the bonus. I would bet that before the full betting amount is met he hits a major losing streak. Don't pat him on the back until he gets away with the money.
Yeah it is funny how when you are in the home stretch of completing your bonus wagering requirements, that in some MG casinos you'll suddenly hit an astounding losing streak.

Well, I completed the wagering requirements and ended on $1230 but then I spent $30 on major millions slots without hitting much and cashed in $1200.

I decided before I played that I'd reduce my betsize a bit if I got to $1200 or lost the bonus, although it doesn't make any difference overall. It just reduces your losses as well as your wins. If I hadn't reduced my betsize after getting to $1200 I would have cashed in about $100 less but I would have been on around $1400 at one point if I'd carried on betting $10 a hand but the highest point was about $1300 instead cos my bet size was lower.
WTG sirius, glad to hear it! Now I can say I know one person who won at MG blackjack.

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