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Microgaming blackjack, weird "coincidences"

Discussion in 'Slots Discussion' started by Monnii, Aug 3, 2017.

    Aug 3, 2017
  1. Monnii

    Monnii Non-Gambler

    Okay what the hell!
    170 down to 0 on 10€ bets, 2 wins, 19 losses.
    And dealer somehow manages to get 21 on over 10 of those hands!!

    2 times I had the EXACT same cards dealt to both me and the dealer, ending 18 vs 8, then dealer gets 5,A,2,5 for 21.

    And weird thing, when i bet my final 10€ i got AA vs dealer 7
    So had to redeposit and split got a 7 and a 10, stood and dealer got 21. Ok, so then i played a couple more bets with the redeposit. Well, couple minutes later my final 10 goes in once again. And i cant believe it...

    ...AA vs dealer 7?! So it's programmed for you to a) tilt like crazy and b) when your about to bust you have to redeposit to not play the hand like an idiot. Well i was so angry that i just took a card and ended up busting. Because what the hell?

    Do you guys think this is just a coincidence or..?

    Iv'e had this loads before with this but just now decided to make a thread about it.
  2. Aug 3, 2017
  3. munin

    munin Newbie member

    One ting is sure, you cannot blame Microgaming for this. What game are you playing, and are you using basic strategy. I see that you are flatbetting, and then you will loose anyway. I win more than I lose on Blackjack, because I use the game with the highest RTP, I vary my bets from €1 to 40, and follow the rules for the game I am playing exactly. :cool:
  4. Aug 4, 2017
  5. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    House-Husband and Casino Advisor
    Bexhill on sea, England
    Yes, coincidence.
    I play MG BJ from time-to-time and win as often as lose. Just a bad run IMHO.

  6. Aug 4, 2017
  7. Monnii

    Monnii Non-Gambler

    Well im f****** done!!
    170 to zero
    150 to zero
    125 to zero
    50 to zero

    All today, fucking piece of shit
    If i get KQ va dealer 7, it'll be a 9 and a 5 next. If i get AK dealer gets 10A
    If i limp from 4 to 21, dealer just gets an A on the 10.
    I mean ffs. 49% odds my ass.
    How the hell can you lose 95% of the hands in a row.
  8. Aug 5, 2017
  9. trancemonkey

    trancemonkey Meister Member

    Games Producer
    United Kingdom
    My guess is you didn't lose 95% of all the hands you played... Blackjack is that kind of game though. I've sat down at a table in Vegas and not won a single hand for 20 straight hands. I've also done (almost) the exact opposite.
  10. Aug 5, 2017
  11. tataru

    tataru Experienced Member

    NOT playing slots
    St. Anger round my neck :D

    Seriously, thogh, if I were you the thing I was playing on would have
    made a quick exit through the window. Just like that:cool:

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