Microgaming Blackjack Gold Single Deck flawed?


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Oct 17, 2012
Just decided to try the Microgaming blackjack again. And like I've expected I went to lose my 70 euros pretty quick. I lost all my 4 doubles as usual even though the dealer had 5/6/7, and the majority of higher bets. The bank hardly ever busts, while I keep busting with 12/13/14. This type of blackjack is in my opinion, no doubt about it adaptive to your betsize. It doesn't feel natural in any type of way, it's simply unbeatable.

Which is logical on the long run, but even short term winners seem to be quite impossible. I CANNOT recommend Microgaming Single Blackjack, unless you like to flush your money away. Again I felt completely powerless, even though I played the game by the book. It's just one regressive line each time you play.

I have usually had the same experience but yesterday something unusual happened.Deposited £200 which went in no time on £5 and £10 stakes.Then decided to adopt the s--t or bust approach,deposited another £200 with the intention of making four £50 bets.Within a few minutes i had turned it into £625-an overall profit of £225.I hit the withdraw button and ran!

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