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Jun 20, 2005
I just love this type of Casino software. However, it seems that with each new game added, I seem to have more and more problems w/ the software. When clicking on the Casino icon the first metter bar will load to 164%. After it's finally loads, I can log into the Casino. Once in the Casino I go and attempt to download a game. Only now, it will just reload the same game over and over, countless times. It never takes a full complete download. I've tried downloading several different types of games. Only to end in the same results of it reloading and reloading the game, any game!

I've contacted the Casino(s) that I'm having the problems with. They resort back to me, having me check to make sure the proxy's haven't changed within the ISP and to make sure my DirectX is completely updated. Which I have checked with my ISP to make sure the proxy hasnt been changed, I made sure my Direct X is current, I've ran my updated virus scans, I've deleted my temp folder and cookies, I've done complete uninstalls before reinstalling the software. Still, same problem! Any suggestions would be appreciated. :cool: Thanks!
i love this software to, but it does seem to be having more and more problems.

the latest annoying problem is that i'm having is best described as delayed clicks, i.e. i click something on the screen yet the click isnt registered till sometime later. for some reason this only happens when your leaving a game, the result of the click being delayed often results in you loading up a game you dont want because the software has used the delayed click to click on a game for you when your trying to leave the casino.

I have had so much trouble with the software, that I just play the flash versions now. Every one I've tried lately I can play on my regular downloaded casino version account at the flash casino. You lose some games and the new ones aren't there, but there's still plenty there, and no problems.
betting88 said:
it's garbage software
You must have a portfolio full of Playtech stock.
betting88 said:
it's garbage software

Totally disagree. It may have its minor problems from time to time like most software, but its streets ahead of the competition in terms of gameplay IMHO.

Your statement simply screams "hidden agenda" to me.
MG Problems

I have been investigating this myself for months now as I have had increasing problems and no solutions have been forthcoming from the casinos or Microgaming. The more I investigate the errors, the more I find out.

After looking at All Slots, I find that it is downloading to my hard drive for 15 minutes or more each time I log in, even with all the games now finally installed. I have used a "packet sniffer" and the cause is repeated transactions to a website "www.spiralclick.com". This would appear to be a template page for serving banner ads, but none are coded and the page displays blank. Further digging reveals that the IP for this page seems to have rather more in common with Microgaming than they would have us believe (The problem is your ISP, check your proxies etc). www.microgaming.com is Worse still, seems to be owned by www.spiralsolutions.com, which does work for Microgaming, Jackpot Madness website, and guess what, The Jackpot Factory.

I have also worked out is is NOT a browser or DNS lookup issue, as the software appears to connect by IP directly. (Try the experiment for proof, block www.spinsclick.com to local in host file, and casino still connects to it, so not a DNS issue or browser problem)

My conclusion is:-

Microgaming (operators) , the problem is AT YOUR END - GET IT SORTED!!!!!!!

The problem seems to vary from MG casino to another. Some are fine, some have problems, and a few have very severe problems. I have been told that all MG casinos are basically the same except for cosmetic branding and game choices available - so it is odd that they have different levels of problems.

NB The top 3 levels of IP often resolve to an individual corporate entity, or server farm. I would assume that IPs starting 217.219.6.xxx are pretty cosy with Microgaming, if not simply diferent branches of Microgaming.

I have a suspision that the new IE7 being developed by Microsoft could kill off Microgaming casinos due to the way they appear to attempt to circumvent browser settings. This might also explain why players with firewalls are always having trouble.

I have reached this stage after numerous reinstalls of MG casinos, Internet Explorer, etc. Updated drivers - I have done all that has been suggested, and the problems get worse. Microgaming still INSIST that they have not raised the minimum system requirements, so there should be no reason why an upgrade on my part should be necessary other than for cosmetic improvements to the gaming experience.

I earlier started a thread on these problems, so you are certainly not alone in your frustrations.
I like many mg casinos, eg, 32red, ladbrokes, casino grand bay...... but mg software often sucks although some games of mg are very fair.
ever since the update to lucky nugget i have not been able to even get the software to load it just keeps refreshing the loading page. i let this run for 30min or more and still the same thing. i have contacted the bellerock rep here but he cant figure it and said a casino rep will contact me. i tried to uninstall and reinstall but the downloader just hangs up like described in another thread in the casino complaints. and i have also noticed the problem with downloading new games.
Virus/Firewall Problems

Hi there.

I too used to have the same problem in the upgrades/downloads on the mg casinos. I found that if I de-activate the virus/firewall only once that is blocking this new download, it loads fine. Then all I have to do is run the software games.

I used to have a problem with downloading more than 1 game at a time also and when they have new games but I learned to download 1 game..go all the way out and come back in to download another. Easier than fighting with support not knowing what to do.

It works great now! My firewall/virus software that kept the software from completeing an upgrade was Armour2net Firewall. Great product, but it does its job! :lolup:
Not always the Firewall

I have NO firewall, and I removed the Norton antivirus ages ago and MG downloads STILL don't work.
Royal Vegas is now fully broken, it just keeps refreshing the start page over and over. I have around half that work OK, and the others have varying degrees of problems.
I tend to have the most trouble with those groups that mess around with fancy downloaders & Java etc. (Bellerock & Fortune Lounge) The simple download & save function in IE tends to work better. Best of all is to get the full 100Mb downloaded and install locally in one go, updating only the most recent games. Broadband or CD required!
I am beginning to suspect that MG have got too clever with the more recent upgrades and they are no longer compatable with "Mature" PCs. The increasing sophistication of ISP offerings might also have some bearing.
The total lack of a user manual for the client interface, coupled with the limited knowledge of the casino support often means these problems just go unaddressed. The MG homepage has nothing of value to players.
I think MG should test the latest offerings against the minimum requirements again, and should test "in the field" using a variety of ISP services.
They should list the obscure settings that might make all the difference. The suggestion to take my PC to a repair shop is a joke, they have no documentation on MG software, and would spend fruitless hours looking for likely problems.
Sad to say, but if your computer is more "mature" than 3 years old...it might need to be either upgraded or totally revamped...or donated..

Being on the IT side of computers..this is definitley a problem with most older computers is that the graphic intense software now being offered online totally drains the memory and if you have "shared memory" between the graphics and software operating system..you really are in trouble.

I, myself , swap out my computer every two years just to keep up with what is happening on the internet, the games etc. and to keep from having these awful problems as you state..

I Wish You Very Good Luck otherwise! :thumbsup:

I know what Vinyl is talking about.

I'm not buying a new computer to play MG games. My friend has a way older machine, she has no problems.

Been through it all, and if you've read this entire thread you'd know that.

Meanwhile, never a hitch with Playtech, RTG's or any other software.

I just wanted to offer Vinyl support here because I know there is no simple answer on our ends. "no firewall" no virus software, etc., I've never had that on mine. Its frustrating.

You're right, I should have re-read the thread. I do apologize.... hope all goes better for you guys soon!
Hi All,

This is an issue that we have been looking at for a while, and many of you have contacted me directly. Unfortunately we do not have a final answer at the moment, but we are working at eliminating certain things.

If you are still having the problem with any of the Belle Rock brands, choose either River Belle, Lucky Nugget or Gaming Club, remove the software from your PC and go to www.carmenmedia.com/exedown.asp and download and install the software. See if this will work and if the game updates also work. Please post or PM your feedback. This link will only be live until Monday.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Best regards,

Belle Rock
Forgot to mention that you should also delete any instances of the Download Helper from your desktop. This is a club symbol in a gold square. The application resides in the desktop so the best way to remove it is simply to delete it.

Here is that url again

Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Finally, after 8 months of not being able to download/update, I was able to get Lucky Nugget installed from the link and download the games through the casino.

Whatever you did, thank you! Lots of games I haven't seen yet!
MG Software

I have grabbed Lucky Nugget & RiverBelle for testing. I have the full BelleRock CD though, and even installing from this has lead to problems.

I ran All Slots (another problem installation), with the Norton sensors, and noted that just before it locks up the "User Resources Used" suddenly leaps to 100% and turns red! From the other sensors it is not RAM, Disk space, cache capacity etc. Certainly something is being used completely, but only with some MG installations. All Jackpots is fine.

I have a VERY mature PC, from the last Century:D (Only just though).

It has shared graphics, and a rotten Houston Motherboard where it is impossible to turn off the shared graphics and fit a proper graphics card. I have upgraded pretty much all that can be, RAM to the max that Windows 98SE can usefully use, the latest chipset drivers for the on-board graphics. I have moved to Ethernet connection to my cable modem from USB, as NTL state on their site that this should free resources in my PC. I now have 2Mbit Broadband. MG state a minimum of Windows 98SE, 32Mbyte RAM and a 133MHz processor (Mine is 500Mhz). Other than graphics rendering, I should not be having problems with the software. I doubt if shared graphics causes the casino to insist on fetching each game I request from the upgrade server, ignoring the local version, each time I log on! It looks like something gets corrupted in the installation, and the upgrader cannot recognise the fault and repair it. I also note that some of the CAB files get left behind after the upgrade (they are supposed to get cleaned up), some game folders are placed in the wrong folder (with the casino executable and DLLs rather than the games subfolder). A corrupt version of "Mupinfo" sometimes ends up in the folder with the executable & DLLs. This should be removed if spotted.

Another trick I have found that sometimes improves matters is to delete the file "Mupinfo" from the game folder, along with any CAB files. Launching the casino will then cause it to perform a full file check & upgrade to rebuild the "Mupinfo" file. Although this does not solve everything, I did this to All Slots and it no longer locks up each time I try to move to a new game, it still keeps downloading from the server though, but is considerably faster!

Mupinfo looks like a configuration file, and has a format similar to the INF files used by Windows. I suspect that mistakes in building this file at installation or upgrade may have a significant bearing on the software troubles.
Let me know how the testing goes. If this does not resolve the problem it rules out any of the additions that we make to the software as the cause of the problem and leaves it squarely with MGS. Once I have feedback as to the downloads I will pursue things with MGS.

Best regards,

Belle Rock
New PC - Same old problems.

I have temporary custody of a brand new PC, in a totally VIRGINAL state direct from DELL. After updating with Windows Update, and ensuring the Firewall and Norton was not set to block the casino, I began to test my MG casinos on it. I have not even visited the internet other than this, so there should be nothing in the way of spyware or viruses.

Oh Dear!!!! I struggled with 6 MG casinos that I have full install copies of, just needing a few of the latest games. 3 HOURS later I have given up!!!!!
I get one or two games then the upgrader just goes to sleep. If I try to wake it up by actually clicking on one of the games marked for download I get the "cannot load module" message. There is NO WAY it will work simply by launching the casino and doing something else, like watch TV - it simply stops as soon as my back is turned. I can play the games that are already included, so there is no blocking of access to the casino server.

So, for those thinking of upgrading their kit as a means to a solution, forget it! Buy a new PC if you want one, but don't expect an end to MG casino problems. Admittedly, it does go "pear shaped" a lot faster on the new PC:D

I have not got round to evaluating the new Riverbelle test module, and I am not in too much of a hurry as I have got it "sort of" working now anyway.
I am perplexed. :what: We have tried to duplicate the problem and have been unsuccessful. Please try downloading from the URL I have provided. This will give you virgin software that has had nothing added by the operator. At least this will give us an indication of whether the problem lies with MGS or with ourselves. Other than this I have no idea what could be going wrong.

Best regards,

Belle Rock

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