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Oct 15, 2004
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
This all started yesterday when I got a couple of emails stating I had free money in my acct(s) to try the new games. I went to log into a casino and nada, no connection. So I figure it's just this particular casino, and go to try another one, nope nothing there either. So now I'm curious, I start checking all of the casinos on my computer...can't log into any of them except 32Red. Even the flash casinos won't load for me. So my first thought is that Micro must be having server problems, but I check with a few people and nope everything is okay with them. So I write to not one, but three different Micro casinos inquiring as to any problems they may be having. I receive responses from all of them that everything is working fine. Okay, now I'm starting to get worried. So naturally I contact my ISP, only to be told by them that nope, all is fine on their end also. So what does that leave? Something wrong with my computer right? And so it begins.....

I proceed to start "fiddling" with it. Keep in mind I'm about as dense as they come when it comes to the inner workings of a computer, and it's operating system. I know a little, but very little. So I play with the security settings, no result. I uninstall and reinstall IE6, nothing. I try accessing a flash casino using Firefox, nothing. I came here and PM'd Simmo, thought maybe he may have a suggestion, but he was at a loss also. So now I'm starting to get really worried, and really pissed off too. I start removing programs, figuring maybe a file has become corrupted. I remove casinos and reinstall them. Still nothing. Do virus scan and spyware scan, all clean. I do a full system restore back to Monday morning. Keep in mind also that almost everytime you uninstall and then reinstall something, you have to reboot the computer. So by this time, I've been at this for over six hours. I had finally almost reached my breaking point..and decided to give it a rest. I had been gonna come here and post to see if anyone had some advice for me...and as a last resort, I had been going to reformat my computer. I also wrote again to one of the casinos in hopes that someone in their tech dept. may be able to offer some assistance or suggestions. Well, just as I'm getting ready to reformat, I check my email.....

Dear Lisa

Thank you for your mail.

Please note there is a technical problem with a MGS server in Canada
and if you are connecting through there it will cause problems.

They are working on it and should have it sorted out soon.

:eek2: :eek: :eek2: :eek:

You see that picture of Jack Nicholson up there? Had he been in the room with me last night, he would have run screaming in fear when I read that. And the kicker is that I played around with it so much yesterday, that I may end up having to reformat anyway...I know that so much uninstalling and reinstalling of programs isn't the best thing. At the very least, I see a 12 hour defrag in my future. Just had to share this wonderful story...

Out of curiousity, anyone else in CANADA experience any of this yesterday? Or am I the only lucky one? :oops:
I know the problem is solved, but this is what I do in that situation. Actually 1) very often is enough to tell that my computer is ok.

1) If you have another computer (laptop etc.) try
connect it to the same network-cable and connect (maybe install) one of
the casinos that does not work. If the result is the same, it is not the computer. You have to wait and somehow the problem will just disappear.

In case 1) worked on other computer:

2) Try stop all Virusscans/firewalls (disable the windows firewall if you have SP2)
3) Check your 'host' file (we have seen before that some casinos decided to
band access to other casinos by writing to this file).
4) Run virusscan/ad-aware/spybot
5) check taskmanager and kill process that you dont need (or know). It does require some knowledge of Windows to see trash from essentials.
6) Uninstall the lates programs you have installed.
7) Hire/bribe a nerd to look at your computer since the solution is probably not simple.

Meanwhile I suggest drinking a few beers to ease the gambling addiction.

Thanks for the reply Zoozie, but all is fine now. The problem was NOT my computer, it was the Micro servers from Canada.

Meanwhile I suggest drinking a few beers to ease the gambling addiction.

I did that, and it didn't help, lol. And I'm not "addicted"...but I did wanna play the new games yesterday. :)

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