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Jul 30, 2003
lala land
I tried to do a search to see if anyone in our casinomeisters family had won any HUGE big daddy progressives, but I am not coming up with anything. Anyone KNOW anyone who has won major millions, cash splash, fruit fiesta or Wow progressive? Its hard to keep from playing them but (imoe) you get so little play time because the pay outs are so few and far between (I am assuming because lots has to got to the big pot) It would make me feel a little better if I knew one of US hit one...my husband refuses to play progressives anymore because he has lost sooo much lol he keeps telling me they are a scam :rolleyes: but I dont thenk he really realizes the odds.
LOL~ Don't I wish... Then I can treat myself a nice vacation (maybe girl's vacation away...) without feeling quilty. :D

Wanda, it's so nice to see you posting and still playing :p . I miss Linda and Jinnia. Hope all the crazy stuffs are clear out for you by now. I am way slow on gambling these few months. ;)
Hey Witchypooo! I was starting to feel like a stranger here & thought maybe Bryans new pic may have scared people off lolololol j/k ..its funny huh??

Yes all is cleared up and I am playing and having fun again! Just need a good win!! Dont we all :p Gosh its been sooo long since I have hit a good one so I am READYYYY!!!
Havent seen our other girlies either but I have not been doing much checking lately. Hope youre doing great! :D Now lets win a darn progressive OK!!!

Hi Wanda

There was someone here who had a family member win one of the jackpots maybe around 6-8 weeks ago. I think there was a thread about it or it was in one of the Winner Screenshot threads. Can't remember who it was but think it may have been one of our Costa Rican friends if memory serves...


wanda5 said:
Hey Witchypooo! I was starting to feel like a stranger here & thought maybe Bryans new pic may have scared people off lolololol j/k ..its funny huh??
You mean this picture?
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Yeah, Ted and I met this winner, and we were to meet a couple of more, but it never worked out.

Hi Ted, Hi Simmo...nice to meet both of you!
So cool that you guys (ted & bry) met a prog winner!!! So glad to hear that!! I have a lot of catching up to do here. A Lot has changed.
And Big Daddy Brymeister, glad to see you are alive & kicking & just as crazy as ever! I was hoping you'd peep at that post lol My nephew was here watching over my shoulder and said "do you know that guy?" (pointing at your pic with the mask and guitar) and I said "yes, kind of, why?" He said "cool, i think he is from the WWF can you ask him?" :eek2: (Not sure if it was WWF but it was WW something...) Anyway I said "no, hunny I dont think so" and he said "Aunt Wanda I think he is" ...jeeze I didnt wanna burst his bubble so I said "well, maybe he could be I guess" He's only 7...but that was too funny, had to tell ya about it.
SOOOOO I have been beaten up by a quite few casinos for a while now : ( ...I've lost my fire, I need to find it again!! Im sick of hearing myself bitch lol ...gimme the scoop!!! lol... ok, I will do my research here and see what I come up with. I just need to keep up!

Have fun and I will chat with ya all soon!

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