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Jun 8, 2003
As many of you slots players may know, the favorites folder in Micro only holds about a dozen or so choices. It automatically added which games you played after you first downloaded the software. Well my favorites have changed since some new slots came out but I don't know how to add them to the favorites menu.... or how to delete some slots that are no longer favorites. Anyone know how this can be done? :confused:

The favourites folder is built from not only the last game played, but how much it is played. There is no facility in the lobby to allow games to be moved in and out of favourites by the player. It is necessary for the player to do this by editing the registry. Each game has a registry key within the casino key. There is a value labelled "priority". It is this that determines where a game is listed in the favourites menu. Setting this to zero should delete a game from the favourites menu. Conversely, setting it to a high value should place a game onto the favourites menu.
It is not something that has really bothered me, so I have not done too much in the way of developing an easier solution (which would be an "include" file).
Such a method could be developed which would involve launching the casino with a "cmd" or "bat" file rather than the desktop shortcut. This file would precede the launch of the casino with commands that would set the PC in an appropriate mode for play, and could also include a file to amend the registry entries for the casino to ensure that it always launched with the games you want in the favourites folder.

I will perhaps have a look at this as you are the second person to ask about this to my knowledge.

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