Michael Owen signs for Man Utd....and related bets


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May 17, 2009
So, I'm sure even the least attentive footie fans will have picked up on this one by now. Surely there are a raft of interesting and novelty bets going to be flooding the markets, so I thought I'd ask what others would bet on, and throw down a few ideas of my own.

Obvious ones:
Top Goalscorer for the Premier League.
Top Goalscorer for Man Utd.
Number of matches played.
Number of matches missed by injuries.

Number of substitute appearances.
Number of Carling Cup goals.
Times commentators say that "he'd have got on the end of that one in his prime".
Whether he'll be playing there in 2010-11.
Number of reserve appearances whilst recovering from injury.
Will he appear in the Liverpool matches?

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