MiamiJackpots, uploaded documents but no response

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Mar 24, 2023
Hi there , I'm new to this site so I might be being a bit previous but I've been playing and depositing small amounts on Miamijackpots and finally I hit some decent wins and have a balance around £3900 which I went to withdraw but before I could do this it said I needed to upload i.d documentation and the front of my card which I used . I did this process yesterday morning and also sent them an email yesterday but not had any kind of response back at all and as there's no live chat I'm starting to get a bit worried . Is this normal procedure , has anyone else had issues with this site etc , any advice would be appreciated , thanks .
Hello @howcroft48 , we've received a PAB from you on this subject so per the PAB Rules for now we're closing this. Once your PAB is done feel free to remind us to reopen the thread so you can discuss it further then.
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