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Dormant account
Feb 25, 2006
North Carolina
On 02/25, I deposited and then cashed out at around $400.00 using Click2Pay. I sent the usual inquiry as to how long it would take, etc, and was told the funds were "sent to Click2Pay on 02/27. Please allow 3 to 5 business days".

Today being the 9th of March, I decided to call Click2Pay to see if perhaps the funds were held in suspense for some reason. They checked and assured me NO such credit was pending or finalized for that amount from this casino. They asked if I had a confirmation e-mail from them (which I do), and that I forward it to them with the exact amount. I logged back into Miami Paradise and.................

low and behold, there is NO transaction record for ANY withdrawal showing on CashCheck. My deposit still shows, but nothing else. I have numerous "numbered" e-mails from Miami Paradise about this withdrawal.

All I know is that it has been 13 days since I cashed out, and the money has apparenlty "disappeared", according to CashCheck.

Is it possible for a casino to delete a withdrawal once posted to CashCheck? I distinctly recall the last time I looked, it was listed and had a transaction number, and said "work in progress". So on March 2, I got this reply back from the casino:
Dear Kenneth,

Thank you, for the e-mail that you sent us.

We are glad to inform you that your cashin has been finalized and your
funds has been
paid into your Click2Pay account on the 27.02.2006. Could you please
allow for 3 ot 5
working days before that funds would reflect in your account.

We apologise for the delay and any inconvenience caused.

Best Regards
Casino Support - Ken

Miami Paradise Casino - "Welcome to Miami - bienvenido a Miami!"

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_________________________________________________________________I guess now my biggest concern is that since the record of the withdrawal has disappeared from CashCheck, how do I (if I need to) prove my claim? This is really very bizzare.

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