MG's High Limit Baccarat increase min bets


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MG's High Limit Baccarat increases min bets

I am continueously doing well on the game but today I find the bet size range has changed from $1 - $1000 to $10 - $1000. Anyone knows/guesses about the reason(s)?

I am used to play the game for meeting WR when it is allowed (e.g. Fortune Lounge) becasue it has a low variance than Black Jack and I can play 2x faster than Black Jack and there is no human mistake. The most important thing of course is MG's Black Jack just don't let me win.
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OK. Not all of all casinos has changed the min bet size. At least Royal Vegas has not yet.


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I thought the high limit table was always a $10 limit, to differentiate it from the regular table.


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ftg, most micros that i played was a buck, dont matter it one of the fairest games micro has i have won alot of money usiing the hood 3000 system there