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Mar 1, 2004
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Not sure if this is in the right section but I just bought a new computer and was installing all the casinos I had on the old one. I installed some new MG casinos and registered accounts with them without any problems. Now all of a sudden I get an error message when I click on the register as a real player button that say "System Error: An Illegal Operation Was Performed" This is now happening at all MG casinos that I try and register with. It does not shut down the program but just gives me this message on the sign up page. I have called CS for many of the casinos to see if I can get some help but no one could help me. I did a search on Google and found information about using Scan Disk and various programs available such as Error Nuker but none of that worked. I think my last resort is to try and reinstall Windows. I am running WindowsXP Media Center Edition. Any help would be appreciated.
Not sure this will work - but uninstall the casinos and try logging in as a different user ('user accounts' in the 'control panel' of Windows XP, though I haven't used the Media Center edition). Then reinstall the casinos and hopefully it'll work. If it doesn't you probably need to use some anti-spyware software to clear out the MG entries in your registry (or do it manually), but it could be tricky. I once got that message from an MG casino and talking to their customer service I got the impression they were convinced I was trying to open multiple accounts - though, like you, I wasn't.
Thank you so much for the help Vesuvio. That worked perfectly. All I needed was to be able to register, now I can just install the casinos under my own Windows user account and the "I already have an account" button should work. Again, thanks a lot.

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