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May 25, 2005
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Ok, I hope i got the right fourm for this question.
I have my desktop computer and my laptop, both have windows xp pro, I use Firefox for my browswer instead of IE (in case most of you dont know IE I have not added any new windows updates to my desktop, i have even shut my firewall off and for some reason MG casinos wont load. I get the start of the casino loading and if i look in my task manager under processes I see "casino 1~exe"running" but the casino just never loads.
I could get MG casinos to load before but not as of this last week.

Now all MG casinos load on my laptop, ok sure great but the thing is I dont want to play on my laptop. My desktop is the one with the 26in hdtv widescreen monitor....and let me tell you its fun to play slots with that kind of

So if any one has ran into any type of issue for this or has a suggestion for somthing to try please let me know.

thanks in advacne
MG Flaw (not again!!!!!)

After months of problems last year, MG admitted a bug (but not very publicly) and issued a fix in December. The problems were related to the non loading of games of the whole casino. A further problems emerged in the Autumn (Fall) with the load screen running in an "infinite loop" when an update to the casino was detected. The fix was slipped in during December, possibly with the second lot of new games that arrived after the advertised late November update.
I started a thread "Microgaming, What a mess" when I lost 3 casinos in November from the games and lobby upgrade. My researches identified a possible cause/cure that worked most times. MG then released a "Casino Repair Tool", which was passed to me for testing through 32Red. The tool worked on all my MG casinos except Riverbelle. I posted the tool as a ZIP file on this thread that has probably dropped below the radar in the complaints section. I also included instructions of how to use it once downloaded.
The tool performs an offline check and update of any MG casino withoput the need to load it and log on, excellent if loading the casino is the problem!
When the fix was relesed and MG said there will be no more problems, I had such great confidence in this that I archived the tool on my PC in case any players had problems in the future. If the tool is no longer attached to the thread, please let me know and I will pass it on.
Another solution might be to uninstall and reinstall the casino from a fresh download, but not something to do if it can be avoided as MG casinos come in at around 350 to 400 Megabytes now!!
MG casinos like to use Explorer, and the newer features might not display properly in Firefox. I would not expect this to be the cause of the task hanging though. If you contact casino support, they will tell you to turn off Firewalls and virus scanners. It should only be necessary to configure the firewall to allow the programmes "casinogame.exe" and "" full permissions to make connections over the internet.
I have had this problem on my Windows 98 where the loader hangs and will not fully load and initiate the casino software. I have found that rebooting the PC solves this, and it has not happened anything like as often since MG released the fixed version at the beginning of December.
MG software

Thanks vinylweatherman it worked!!! All MG casinos open up for me now, I am going to end up deleting most but this is a nice fix to have. It got 32red going for me and thats the one i really wanted to get working :)

I have made sure to put this fix on a CD and will keep it handy for anyone else that may run into this issue.

mattysgirl :)

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