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Jul 22, 2004
Cincinnati, OH USA
I have a question regarding the new mg reel slots game. I had 5 bonus symbols that began my bonus spins. On the last bonus spin, I received 5 more bonus symbols all aligned on the 3rd payline. *I was playing all 15 lines* but I did not get any more free spins...instead it paid me for the 5 bonus symbols (I think I was playing 2 coins/payline and $1.25 paid for the 5 symbols) I can't be sure on the amts wagered and paid but that is what I think it was.

Does this not work like Thunderstruck where u get more free spins?
Do you mean that new (crap) 'Reel Strike' slot?

If so, then no - I'm fairly sure you do not get more spins.
I would suggest you try reading the paytable before playing! ;)

But a better suggestion is give this rubbish slot a complete miss, and play one where you don't need to do 200+ spins to get the feature only to find you could end up with only 2 pathetic free spins at x2! :puke:

BTW, last time I tried it I got 6 free spins at x5, and no word of a lie - I got NO WINS WHATSOEVER during the free spins - not even a tiddler. Hence I've now blacklisted it!
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