MG progressive Caribbean stud?


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Apr 25, 2004
Out of curiosity, has anyone had any luck with MG progressive Caribbean stud? I've dropped 3k over 3 sessions with some horrible runs at one casino...wasn't ever even close to ahead in any of them. The sad thing was constantly losing with two pair to three of a kind. On the first session, I had trips twice to nine times for the dealer :(
Anyway, it was enough to scare me off from playing there. I wondered if anyone here had ever won on it? :D
Also, strangely, I had emailed support several times without a problem when I had issues with Neteller deposits not showing up. But I attempted to close my account with them via email..each time the email bounced back as undeliverable with a 'stack overflow' error. I tried this three times with that result, then sent another email asking about bonuses, which didn't bounce back? :confused:

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