MG new dueces 50-play bug?


Dec 4, 2003
When I tried the new MG 50-play dueces wild it doesn't turn over the cards of the main hand after the draw. It draws cards on the small 49 hands, but the big hand the cards remain face down. I have no idea if it is paying correctly.
How do you see what you've been dealt on a winning hand? Any way to check one single hand? So when you get a win, you only can see the top of the card as the hand rank blocks all view...Was just wondering that it might be 3 of spades or 3 of clubs, haven't found any way too see it...or maybe I'm just blind :D If anyone knows, please let me know...
That's the least of MG problems!

You are so very lucky this is the only problem you are having with the new games!!!!!
All the new 50-up VP games are the same. The initial decision hand plays no further part in proceedings and 50 hands are in the rectangular block above, albeit in miniature. Unlike the 4-UP 10's or better and the 10-UP Double Joker, this way actually looks better than the old version where the decision hand was also used as one of the multiple hands.
Playcheck should enable each hand to be checked in detail as it is not a screenshot, but a diagnostic pictorial representation of each dealt card, so no "effects" should get in the way.
I hope one day to be dealt 4 Deuces as I was dealt 4 Aces soon after the 50-UP Aces & Faces was released!
I wouldn't turn my nose up at having a Joker with those deuces in the previous release, or a Pat Royal in any of them. Sadly I have used up my Pat Royal for this lifetime!!!!!
Thanks for letting me know. Gotta see the playcheck then...felt kinda strange that I couldn't see what cards I was dealt like at RTG casinos where you can point the hand and it shows you what you got...Good luck for getting those pat 4deuces =)

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