MG & Latest Flash plugin error!


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Dec 24, 2005
I'd strong advise against installing the lastest version of the flash plug in for IE, version 9.

Since installing I keep getting stupid pop-ups before the MG software loads, stating I require the flash plugin to use the casino.

I'me thinking with the new version of flash the detection in the MG software is not finding the plug and is there for issuing a false positive.

If your also in the same situation you can grab a flash unistaller from here:

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And an archived version 7 or 8 from here:

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Deja Vue

Happened before with Flash 8.
Some MG casinos could be forced past the error, but others could not. There was an error then that would still give false positives even with (apparently) Flash 8 installed.
In the end, it turned out to be down to a Microsoft update that prevented ActiveX from working properly in Internet Explorer, the fix is to uninstall the "security update" responsible, which was MS05-054. There is a patch called "urlmonfx" that will do this, it will uninstall the update that scuppers ActiveX, which will allow the Flash installer to work properly.
The other solution is as above, use the Flash uninstaller and download the desktop installer for Flash 8. Using the desktop installer works because it does not require the ActiveX functionality in the browser.

Ultimately, MG need to fix this fix again, so that casinos do not fall over every time a new Flash plugin is released.

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