MG issues


Dec 31, 2010
Norge or NO-WAY!
Hey all just wounderd if this just me?

i keep seing erorr in MG casinos, i played LOTR today and during freespin, gollum popped up to make a reel wild but it was 3 gollums at once :eek2: so i tought maybe i get all 2,3,4 reel wild but this was only the middle reel, the 2 other gollums just jumped and went off :confused: and at alaskan fishing the reel 5 stops before 234:confused: the list goes on...

but the main thing i wounder is :

I keep being kicked off from server, wich only appear when im starting to hit decents win, now i dont want to say that its something fishy going on but i have really being kicked off excatly when i hit 2-3 times 50X++ wins, btw i dont have connection issues as i can say with confidence that i have really good computer and internett and if i have connection issue why do i have conncetion issue exact the time i on hot streak? the first 3-4 times i didnt bothered but now its getting really annoying:mad:

someone has experienced like this?


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Sep 4, 2010
Land of PlasticNote
TS1, only at 32red and Dash, 200+ spins after, all tabs stop response, I have to restart software.
LOTR only at redflush, have to be loaded twice in order to play. the 1st time, all screen stop response.
Various problems at various MG casinos since the new "tab system".


Jul 23, 2010
New Zealand
Yeah I've noted software problems there at 32red over the past week. Sometimes I get disconnected and have to reconnect. One time I had to disconnect myself because the reels were going too slow (like really slow as if stuck). Other times I notice that trying to get into other windows (e.g., account information takes two to three goes before it loads, or it doesn't load at all, or all the windows get stuck). It's not all the time but enough to be annoying. I can't say it's due to a losing streak because I've had a good run recently so not sure about that. I have to wonder if the MG software is simply too big for the server to handle appropriately. MG has to be the biggest software out there (in terms of size not popularity), and the games are requiring more and more in terms of graphics. Maybe they should cull some old games or something??? It doesn't help that everything has to be reloaded when they update with a new game.


Jan 4, 2010
yes since october upgrade I am facing several problems, mainly on 9-lines slots (TS1 e and its clones). After about 50 spins the whole software get stucked and I am forced to close/reopen the software iself (if I am lucky), or even to close/restart the pc (if I am unlucky).

Frankly I cannot see differences if this is happening during rush or during loosing streaks. It's happening always, that's it.

It doesn't help that everything has to be reloaded when they update with a new game.

This is for me a BIG issue and I can tell you that adding this problem to the little ones listed above, I took decision to quit with MG casinos since last october 20th.

It's a pity since I am missing 32 red which is the best casino ever IMO, but MG is such a big company and I strongly believe they should respect more their DEPOSITING payers. These problems are well known from weeks and nobody is doing anything to fix them.


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Aug 3, 2011
Have noticed last days this too. Got suddenly disconnected, error message while playing or game is not opening.
Yesterday evening was probably worst...I just stop playing (32R).
Swiched to GoldenRiviera and there was no problems at all.
Cannt say it though that was happend specially on my winning streaks.