MG games "datasheets" ?


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Apr 12, 2008
Found this @ JBET , a MG licencee aiming to asian players.

They are promoting on their homepage a bunch of games upcoming to the flash version - some new AWPs , some games already available on the asian casino. And to present each game - they only filled each page with somewhat could be a kind of internal memo/technical datasheet given to the operator by MG.

One example - videopoker , Aces and Eights.

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Supported Coin Size

0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00, 50.00, 100.00, 200.00, 500.00.
Interesting ! So MG videopokers can be tweaked to accept some absurd coin size or some really small .... hey , MG operators - why don't you offer the 5c and 10c coinages for your videopoker games , like every other Playtech casino , while you can do it ?

Other example - an AWP - so it may be (partially) of interest to Vinylweatherman :

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Max Jackpot in Coins

2 000

Max Payout in currency

20 000.00

Default Payout in currency

4 000.00

Max Payout in coins


Default payout in coins

(machine shows a top-payout combination awarding 2000x)

A difference between max jackpot and "default" jackpot ? :what:

Feature Maximum and Minimum payouts

Feature Name

Minimum Win

Maximum Win

Nudge Mania


Spin A Win


Win A Gain


Cash Selecta!


Spin Crazy!  <-- jackpot-feature

Each feature has a winnings cap of 1/4 jackpot value .. and jackpot feature has a winnings cap of 3.5x. Interesting to see how much money those machines could theoricaly retain before paying out ...


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Oct 14, 2004
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Interestingly honest, but not really "insider info".

It MAY look like it for the Fruit Machine, and there is something of interest in what does seem to be a cap on what should be a randomly unlimited feature.

The coin size on the VP is both a "supported" and "recommended". MOST MGS casinos stick with the recommended, although I have seen a few offer the LOWER coin size in games where it is not usually found, and I found ONE that offered what looked like the much higher ones.

I might check to see what it has on the AWP I am most familiar with;)

On second thoughts........ it does NOT seem possible to actually NAVIGATE to those pages from where you SHOULD be able to, so maybe this IS a template supplied from MGS from which operators produce their own description pages, and make their operating selections.


NOW I have found something of interest:D

Shortcut Keys


Space Bar
Spin and Stop

Collect and Cancel

Holds and Nudges

In Reel Game, Nudge Peek

MGS are 101% BUSTED!!!!

I used to use the SPACE bar on Treasure Ireland on the Viper lobby - it worked fine, till one of those MGS updates that "don't change existing games"

WELL, clearly they DO change existing games.

MY point is that it is FAR FAR easier to "force" or "chase" these kinds of games if you have an "easy on the wrist" key to use, rather than a tendon straining mouse click.

Now it is FAR harder to play games like Treasure Ireland because of wrist strain. It seems MGS decided to REMOVE these shortcut keys from these games in the Viper Lobby - there was no need, but they did it. It is possible it was done to make it harder for players to use an easy key as a proxy "autospin", a function that was never made available on these games.

I have also been saying that MGS did an update on the multi-player tournaments to SLOW THEM DOWN CONSIDERABLY. I have PROVEN this to myself because of some "before and after" trials, and the difference in what was possible with the EXACT SAME local acceleration tweaks to my machine was truly remarkable.

Unfortunately, I have discovered these pages are only available for the new Flash games, and there is NOT a comprehensive set for the Viper games.

I would LOVE to see one of these sheets for the Viper tournament games, as this might reveal what is "supported" as well as what we have.

The "datasheets" for the two AWP style games PROVES that they are not random, simply because some of the "blocks" are defined for some of what should be RANDOM features.

In a random game like Thunderstruck, there is no theoretical upper limit to what can be won in the free spins, however, in the two AWP games featured there are bounds on the supposedly "unlimited" top features of both. Some lower features are also blocked from randomly awarding the higher reel wins.

For example, a feature that offers random nudges and reel starting positions should in theory be able to award all possible win combinations given enough goes, but this is not so, the Jackpot and 1000x are "blocked", and only wins up to 500x may be awarded (Spin Crazy).

The other game, Money Star, first has in the PUBLIC data that the gold star awards a win series of spins, however the "datasheet" says this has an upper limit of 30 spins and 6000x, which would be 30 x 200x winspins, meaning you CANNOT get the 6000x UNLESS you get 30x of the 200x payout. There is no way this can be random in the sense we have been told, the ENTIRE result of the features, freespins, etc must be predetermined from the outset, the very same accusation (without proof) that posters like Rusty have leveled at MGS slot games.

For the AWP games at least, Rusty's "conspiracy theory" is now shown to be TRUE. The "datasheets" are not nearly as complete for the video slots, as they are lacking a few things that would normally be included, such as game RTP. I suspect that these "datasheets" are NOT everything, since if some casinos can publish RTP with new slot games, this must have come in their "datasheet" from MGS.

"datasheets" for Halloweenies, and Summertime are included, but neither shows any evidence that there are different RTP options "supported". They merely state what is the maximum JACKPOT that can be won in the bonus games and free spins. The only "insider" bit of info is what is the max possible in the bonus round of Halloweenies, which would be 5 pumpkins, proving that again it is a probability schedule, and predetermined, rather than down to which 5 (or 4 or 3) pumkins were selected. This, however, is something we all pretty much suspected to the point of accepting it to be true. The "datasheet" merely confirms that this is how MGS "pick" bonus rounds are operated, predetermined outcome, which is presented incrementally to the player as they pick X of Y.


Just had a look at the table game....

Max Exposure in currency
101 375.00 at max wager on Main and Side Bets.
(1 Royal Flush + 1 Straight Flush + 1 Four of a Kind + 2 Straights + Side Bet Wins on all 5 hands)

Now that WOULD be an "internal" table, because of the use of the term "exposure" rather than "win"

What is "supported" is also very revealing:D

Chip Sizes
Support for the full range from 0.01 to 100,000.00 :eek::eek:

Recommended Chip Size
1.00; 5.00; 10.00; 25.00; 50.00;

Don't forget the MINIMUM too, it PROVES that low rollers CAN be catered for on MGS table games, something that many have complained about, since although min chips of 1 or 2 (even 5) are seen, they CAN support a "penny" chip.

These were what I could find for the new Flash games, but i'll bet some of the "insider info" gets edited out in a "flash" when someone from "the other side" realises they should have done a bit of editing before posting these up for players to see:D
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Apr 4, 2005
There are a few titbits.

They look to be coming out with some new arcade-type games.

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'Whack A Jackpot'

which reveals that the jackpot is 10,000 coins (which is something that will be published), and the frequency is 1 in 1 million.

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Foamy Fortunes is a dressed-up scratchcard game and has the same odds as Whack A Jackpto

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'Killer Clubs'
is a hi/lo-type game
it uses a single, depleting, deck, and you are gambling on whether the next card will NOT be a club.

The maximum pay is 1740, and it says odds of 1/1828, which implies a return to player of 95.19%, although it could be better/worse if you collect earlier.

Those odds suggest that that there is a 20 card limit after which the game collects, even though it says at the top you can draw as many times as you like.

Plus the Aces&Eights game says the gamble limit is 3200 coins.


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Dec 9, 2008
spin crazy looks pretty good still. interesting it has an invincible mode... old fruitys used to do that if i recall

anyone know when I can play these?


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Apr 4, 2005
spin crazy looks pretty good still. interesting it has an invincible mode... old fruitys used to do that if i recall

anyone know when I can play these?
I'm guessing it will be October's microgaming update

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