mg free roll tournaments and rtp


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Hi peeps, I was having a good old think, Now days allot of casinos is running tournaments, 32red ect and are lot are on mg platform, There is a sh%t load of free rolls, I was wondering do they run on same servers ect as thinking due to the fact there could be some big wins on the machines is that affecting the rtp when playing for cash?
Its the only thing I could think why I have had such bad runs in recent times unless they have actually switched the button down on machines,
Yes it could work vica versa and losing in tournaments and paying more back playing cash but I do not think so


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Not same servers.

MG casinos have a House Edge of around 5%. Always! You are expected to lose 5c of every played Dollar. You can continue to hammer those slots, in the end you have probably lost around 5% of what you have wagered. If your RTP is lower this month, it might be higher next month. :thumbsup: