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Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
apart from the troubles i am having trying to use BR which is related on another thread, i've having trouble with jupiter club which i joined last week.

basically the software runs slow as anything, we're talking about 80 spins per hour on the slots compared to the 1000+ i normally get.

ive tried unistalling and redownloading, but the same problems still occur.

also ive noticed that it keeps all my autoplay instructions from the previous installation, is this normal? or is my PC merely retrieving the deleted files from my previous installation and reinstalling them, hence give me the same faulty download aswell.
Hi Scrollock, I play these casinos all the time. I am copying part of a letter I sent them about this exact same problem. Bella and CGB run wonderful for me, as does every single other Micro casino I play. Jupiter was one of my favs until about two or three months ago when this started happening.

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Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 11:37 AM
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Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your mail and your valuable feedback.

Kindly note that I have forwarded your comments to our technical
department and
they are investigating the issue. As soon as they advise me as to the
outcome of this issue, I will contact you.

I appreciate your patience and understanding in the interim.

Kind Regards


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Subject: An Anniversary Gift For You - I WANT TO CELEBRATE WITH JUPITER

Hi There,

I haven't deposited at Jupiter in two
months. If you check my accounts, you'll see that I do deposit
regularly at Bella and CGB, and the reason I stopped at Jupiter is
because there is some problem with the software. And it upsets me
because Jupiter was my favourite of the three casinos. I wrote about
this problem numerous times, always receiving the reply that it is my
internet connection, which it isn't. I have DSL, and every single Micro
casino I play at runs beautiful on my computer, except for Jupiter. I
have uninstalled and re-downloaded numerous times, doesn't help. I have
cleared my cache and temp internet files. What happens is that it runs
nice for 100 or so spins, and then it starts acting like it's doped up.
It gets really slow and jerky, and sometimes it disconnects. The only
fix is to leave the game, disconnect and reconnect, and then we start
all over again. I was told by support that no one else had complained
about this, so I decided to do some research on my own. I came up with
five people on my own that are experiencing the exact same thing that I
am, so it can't be just me. If you could have your technical department
look into this, I would be eternally grateful, I would love to see this
fixed so I can start playing at Jupiter again. In the meantime, I thank
you sincerely for the will give me a chance to see if the
problem has maybe resolved itself since I last played. Thank you again,
and have a wonderful day.

Kind Regards,

Lisa xxxxxx

I will let you know what I hear, if anything. But take comfort in the fact that it is not just you. It's been driving me nuts.
I was curious when I read your thread if it was fortune lounge group. I crashed my pc the other night and had to put in the restore cd. I went to redownload platinum play and could redownload it but the bottom of the screen is black. I can see the message of the day and the 'cash' button but everything is black. I click where I think the games page button is and it takes me to the game page, I can download a slot but then the screen is black when it goes to that slot. I tried live support and was so fustrated. I got such generic answers that didn't even pertain to my question. I called and asked if they have tech support help and was told that I should email them with the 'error message' that I get. I DON'T GET AN ERROR MESSAGE!!! For goodness sake, can't I talk to a techie there!???

I decided to download another MG viper and downloaded allslots with no trouble. I've not gotten anywhere with fortune group help and am about to close all my accounts. I just feel like they don't listen when I was talking to them both on the phone and live chat. I've tried to stay with one group of casinos for the loyalty bonus points and try to maintain my loyalty status but am about to give up on FL casinos.

any suggestions?
tunisianswife: Please mail me your details at and I will have one of our technical staff contact you.

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