MG casino does not seem right


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Dec 12, 2003
I played a MG casino last night and lost $900.00 on 4 separate deposits (one would think I would have learned from losing the 1st deposit, but thought things would turn to my favor eventually).

I just spent the last 5 or so hours coping and pasting every single hand from the mirco gaming play check (954 hands to be exact) from my play last night. I pasted them into a excel sheet. The numbers I have do not look so bad, but I did lose. These are the figures.

Win 389
Lost 472
Push 93

Would anyone like to see this spreadsheet? It has every thing on it, including my bet amount and if I double or split.
I would love to have one of you number crunchers help me out here. I can email it to you.

Or might there be a way to post an excel sheet here?


PS. I forgot to mention I quickly lost $300.00 on JOB VB before I played BJ. So my total lost for this casino is $1200.00
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